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5 Expert Tips to Optimize Your EBay Listings

5 Expert Tips to Optimize Your EBay Listings

Competition on eBay is extremely tough, and as a seller, it takes a lot of time to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Many sellers are targeting the same market with similar products than ever before.  So, it is important to create an eye-catching professional eBay listing that communicates its message.

You need to be able to attract new customers and retain a larger percentage of those customers if you want to build a successful company in this marketplace. The trick is not to write product descriptions and post the same listings day after day. You need to begin by knowing the following to fully optimize your eBay listings:

  • How do you assess and act on listings performance?
  • What do your competitors do to sell and attract customers?
  • Who motivates the customer to buy?
  • What prevents the purchase of your target customers?

You will begin the early stages of developing and forming a consistent listing-optimization plan for your company when you begin to work by answering the questions from the above-listed bullet points. This technique helps you as you question and determine how to best display, describe, price, and promote your products. Depending on the responses you come up with, you will likely  create a list of ideas that you can try to tailor your listing page to find out what your customers are responding to and communicate with the best. So, in this post, I am going to discuss the five most common eBay expert ideas that you can use to improve your listings and drive sales.

  1. Give customers the information they are looking for:


One of the great ways to optimize your eBay listings is to write copies that give potential buyers the information they need when reviewing your products. It’s a simple two-way process: first is to analyze the current product description and delete any data that is unnecessary or not helpful i.e. the fluff. Next is to replace it with the statements that directly address the buyer’s concerns and questions that they might have when buying the product. Now here the questions arise “how does one know what kind of information the buyer is looking for?” So, leverage the following areas to find out what information the buyers the looking for:

  • Pay attention to competitors: looking at what your rivals include in their product description and how they structure data, will give you some idea on how to improve your listings and make it special or unique.
  • EBay feedback reviews: The reviews you and your competitors get can give you a good idea of what your customers like and don’t like about products and services. This will help you figure out what to include and exclude as you will know exactly what your customers want.
  • EBay messages: Listen to the visitor’ helpful questions and concerns on your listing page. Any questions or comments that a customer has submitted to you will often expose a part of your description that is missing or has not been made explicitly clear. Many times people ask a question that gives an insight into what is unclear about your websites or what is completely missing. You should thank any visitor who takes the time to contact you with concerns about any uncertainties, as most visitors simply go on to the next listing without giving more than a second thought to your product.
  • Use Product Details from Your other selling channels: If you use a description that is properly functioning on other channels, then use it on the eBay page as well. On the other hand, if your description is outdated on other channels, use eBay to try something else.

If you immerse yourself in these research areas, you will be able to get the information you need to match your listings with customer needs and preferences and thereby optimize your eBay listings for increased sales.

  1. Make use of keywords and keyword phrasing:


As a seller on eBay, it is incredibly important to get your items high in the search results for buyer search terms because it determines how much traffic your eBay store is receiving. Based on the words and phrases you use in your titles and product descriptions, eBay’s search engine (Cassini) determines where your listing appears in a particular search result. If you haven’t given much thought or time to actively select keywords and phrasing keywords, this could be a huge opportunity to refine your eBay listings.

  1. Include indices of trust and social proof:


Trust indicators and social proof are extremely effective tools for convincing people to buy from you. Ecommerce businesses use social proof as a psychological strategy to give people the feeling that they should buy a product because it is bought by others around them. Use social evidence as a way to demonstrate potential customers can trust you. Try to include the following types of social evidence statements into your description to improve your eBay listings:

  • Review screenshots
  • Testimonials from consumers
  • Total number of customers in the past that have ordered from you
  • Screenshots of happy customers on social media with you
  • Quantity of products sold.

Add some trust indicators to accompany your social evidence statements and further refine your eBay listings. Trust measures make potential customers feel safe about their purchase, helping to increase conversion. Common examples that functions well are as follows:

  • Your shipping and return policy details.
  • Quality and authenticity statements about the products you sell.
  • Declaration of the money-back guarantee.

Adding social evidence statements and confidence metrics to your listings reminds consumers of three things: they purchase from actual care-giving human beings, their data is secure, and they’ll get the item they want.

  1. Make use of listing upgrades and specifications: Another way to improve the listing is to make use of eBay paid programs. For a fee that varies depending on your item’s price and listing duration, you can add features to your listings to make it stand out more and give it more functionality. Following are the instances that you can include in your eBay listing:
  • Multi-category listing: This will enable your product to be classified into two categories to increase exposure.
  • Bold-title: Simply display the title of the listing in bold to help it stand out more.
  • Gallery plus: Use this listing upgrade to enlarge the featured image on the listing.
  • Subtitle: Enables you to display a line of text under your listing’s title.
  • Listener designer: Allows you to make your listing look more professional using premade templates and themes.
  • Value-pack: Upgrades gallery plus, listener designer, and subtitles updates for a discounted price.

But if you’re not careful, listing-upgrade fees can add up quickly, so it’s important to make sure you do your research to find out which features would be most useful for your online business and which would not be worth the cost.

Filling out your product details is a more cost-effective approach to improve your eBay listings. Product specifics are the details of your product, such as size, color, style and brand that appear in your listing’s description.  Such details will make the listing more important to the searches of potential customers as it helps the search filters to include those specifics. Not only that, but it also lets customers who see the listing make the right choice as to whether or not the product is exactly what they need. This, in turn, would increase the rate of sales and lower returns as well as negative feedback.

  1. Take better pictures and make them mobile-friendly:


One of the best improvements you can make to improve your listing pages is to simply take better pictures of the items you sell. High- quality visuals are key when it comes to selling products online. Since your customers don’t have the choice to walk into your store and pick up your items as they do when dealing with other brick-and-mortar businesses, so, it’s important to make professional photography a priority when you get ready to create new product listings. 

Below are the best 6 tips that will help you take pictures that sell more:

  • Turn off your flash, use propagated lighting: Turning off the flash can prevent unwanted shadows or light spots that distract from your product or making it difficult for consumers to see parts of your product.
  • Capture all angles, blemishes, and details: When making online purchase your customers can’t pick up and test your products you have to do everything you can to help them see your product, evaluate its value, and determine if it’s something they want to purchase from you. If your customers are unable to see each angle and detail, they may believe you are deliberately hiding something from them and maybe hesitant to buy something from you.
  • Take high-resolution pictures: To activate the zoom and expand feature on eBay, make sure that your pictures are of high resolution. If you use your camera or phone’s high or medium file size setting, the resolution will be sufficiently high to enable the zoom feature. You should also ensure that the images you upload are mobile-friendly in addition to taking better photos of your products. If your potential buyers have problems in viewing your product images on their Smartphone, they won’t buy from you.
  • Use a tripod: Nothing is more unprofessional than a shaky or blurry photo. A tripod will help you take pictures of higher quality and allow you to take a series of different photos of your product from the same distance. On eBay, you can find a wide range of tripods — pick one that works best for you and your equipment.
  • Use a plain, uncompromising background: Just make sure that the main focus of the picture you take is your product. You can do this by placing a white backdrop behind your items and keeping your image simple. For as little as $20, you can purchase backdrops on eBay.
  • Take detail close-up shots: Don’t guess the customers. Give them the opportunity to have a close look at your items as if they were picking it up in their hands in the shop.

Final thoughts: No matter how sure you’re about your listings already, by improving them, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain overtime — week after week and month after month.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]