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5 Qualities & Skills To Look For In Live Chat Support Agent

5 Qualities & Skills To Look For In Live Chat Support Agent

To hire a chat support agent will require a number of attributes. The main key to providing training live chat support companies is to give customers access to customer support. Hence, it’s the responsibility of the company to hire the best chat support agents. The live chats are different from the normal phone calls as it takes place on the website. These agents should be accurate, concise, and friendly.

What are the 5 Qualities and Skills Required?

Customer service has evolved now. It is not just limited to Emails and Calls. Online businesses handle customer queries over Emails, Live Chat, App Store, and Social Media. So, the customer service representative provides solutions over different channels. The key skills that will enable me to handle customers in a better way and deliver a great customer experience. To learn the best practices to deliver a great customer experience, here is the listing of the 5 essential qualities and skills of chat support agents.

  1. Communicativeness Chatting Skills
  2. This ability is an absolute “must-have”! The ability to express expressions that are clear to the recipient, boldness, as well as the ability to conduct and maintain the conversation is indispensable. This also includes writing, good grammar, and Punctuation. They should have extraordinary typing skills and the ability to understand what the customer is saying before they answer. Research has found that poor grammar skills reflect a bad impression of the company one is working for. The customer is likely to lose interest and hence affects the business if the chat support agent shows bad communication skills.

  3. Multi-Tasking and Problem Solving
  4. Live chat agents may have to assist multiple customers at once. In such cases, the candidates who are easily distracted and incapable of multitasking would not be able to provide effective customer support. So, it’s advisable to choose the candidates who have the ability to give each customer an equal amount of consideration.

  5. Knowledge of Software Programs and Use Shortcuts
  6. When it comes to technical knowledge in customer service, it’s not just about the ability to type quickly and accurately. It expands further to the understanding of office software used to maintain a customer database. Consider assessing the candidate’s capability of understanding and being comfortable with such computer interfaces and web services. The use of the live chat platform requires knowing how quickly they learn software programs in order to satisfy the customer. The ability to have prior knowledge and quick learning, allows agents to complete tasks more efficiently.

  7. Typing Skills and Data Entry Skills
  8. As mentioned earlier, live chat support companies are not just meant to send replies over a chat portal. Live chat support requires much more than this. It includes inputting customer account numbers, personal details, and other important information into a database whilst maintaining a friendly transaction. It’s imperative to hire a candidate who has good data entry skills so that the customers do not have to suffer due to incorrect data submission. If the information entered into the system is incorrect, the conclusions can be inaccurate as well. It can lead to a bad overall customer experience.

  9. Customer Service and Attentiveness to the Customer
  10. Empathy is an important skill for feeling people’s mood and being able to show genuine compassion. Customer service agents should feel responsible both for customers and their cases. Solving a case is the main priority; however, if an agent can’t solve a case because of some reasons, he should inform a client about it. Also, Active listening for resolving conflicts fast and to everybody’s benefit. They should be able to pay attention and notice even the smallest details in order to address issues in the most effective way. Proactivity is essential for addressing issues before they even arise or escalate;
    We should understand the unique skills needed for success in a live chat role so that the hiring of live chat agents can be done properly for more business. To keep in mind that the hallmark of an excellent customer service agent is their intention to resolve the customer’s issue quickly and efficiently in a fashion that satisfies the customer.