The long wait of PPC managers and advertises have finally comes to an end. Bing ads have decided to expand their reach to LinkedIn users in LinkedIn profiles. Bing plans to target on text ads, shopping campaigns and dynamic search ads.

If one wants to be in the search on the Bing network and owned / operated sites will be open for all Beta devices. Currently it is closed for targeting the Microsoft Audience network

LinkedIn profile can be targeted on campaign or ad group level. Bid can be increased by 15% to reach Microsoft employees. This can be done for bid modifiers to target profiles. Start by targeting the current ad campaigns and Ad groups.

This can be accessed from settings, then go to campaign /Ad group targets and choose the target category.  The announcement of the Microsoft Audience network would release some time later in May. This release is different. This serves content placements on MSN, Outlook.com. The edge browser selects the correct partners with good quality and the one’s with benefit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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