All-inclusive digital marketing campaign for online apparel brand

case study

About the client

The client is an online clothing store that offers both formal and casual apparel to its customers. Along with a strong brand image and vast customer-base in the country, the client also ships the products to other nations.

What the client needed

The client asked us to deliver a digital marketing campaign that would bring in more customers. They also set a high revenue target for us to achieve over a long time period.

Our Solution

  • To make sure that we brought in maximum leads, we launched simultaneous SEO, paid ads and digital PR strategies.
  • Since the campaigns had to be launched nationwide, the first thing we did was research about the client’s performance in different regions. We identified the areas where the client had the most customers, and those areas where their sales needed to be improved. Then, we framed our strategies according to the data.
  • For our SEO campaigns, we found the most promising keywords and cross-referenced them with the stock availability of the client’s products. This helped us optimize the chances of converting leads into customers. We also created ‘seasonal pages’ that successfully brought high converting traffic in each season.
  • Our paid ad campaigns were highly targeted we created different strategies for customer groups based on their interaction with the website. We analysed which products were most sold during which season. This helped us create and launch efficient seasonal paid ad campaigns.
  • Our digital PR campaign involved acquiring maximum, quality links from online sources that the client’s potential customers used frequently. Our research team studied various season trends and publications and uploaded content that was relevant to the customers. Our research ruled out in chances of error in our content and PR strategies, and ensured maximum traffic to the website. All of our teams worked with closely with each other to make sure that all the campaigns were up to date and drove in maximum revenue.


We were able to not just achieve, but exceed all the goals set by our client and they were extremely happy with the results.
In one year, we delivered-

  • 20% increase in revenue from search
  • About 15% increase in new users
  • 20% improvement in bounce rate
  • 500 backlinks

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