Ecommerce Product Data Management for Online Healthy and Beauty Essentials Store

About the client

A multi-brand online health and beauty store that offers a vast range of products spanning more than 50 categories. Their catalog includesover 30,000 products from some of the most renowned domestic and international personal care brands. The client ships the products on their store globally.

What the client needed

The client wanted to collect and consolidate their product data in a single location for easy availability, access and regular updates, and was looking for an outsourcing agency to do this for them. This product data included, but was not limited to product images, SKUs, descriptions, names, reviews and prices. They asked us to identify all the different existing sources of product information, check for irrelevant, incomplete, incorrect and missing data entries, and then collect all the data at a single location.


We faced a few challenges in consolidating the product data for the client. These challenges included recognizing all the different sources of product information, verifying and standardizing the data, and displaying consistent information on the client’s website and online marketplaces. The client needed us to identify, collect and manage the data of all the 30,000 products within a limited time period.

Our solution

We gathered and united the data for all the products from all the different sources. Our team also helped the client refine the data by eliminating incorrect and irrelevant entries, and completing missing information.

The data management solutions provided to the client by Faith eCommerce included-

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1. Collecting all the required data from various reliable sources including manufacturer’s and suppliers’ websites, hardcopy catalogues etc.
2. Verifying the product data for incorrect entries and filled in missing information for ensuring accuracy.
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3. Consolidating all the data in one place, making it easy and quick for the client to access and update it whenever needed.
4. Ensuring security of the data and defining user roles for effective management.
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With our ecommerce product data management, we helped the client-

  • Consolidate their product data in one location
  • Ensure it is error-free
  • Secure the data, and
  • Manage it effectively and save time.

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