Product Data Entry Services

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About the client

A web based flooring retailer brand that offers a huge selection of carpets, tiles, hardwood, bamboo and rug flooring options. The client has been offering contemporary style flooring solutions for more than 20 years, and is known for their cost-efficient pricing and dependable customer services. The website of the client features latest trends and quality flooring solutions suiting different needs.

What the client needed

In order to best portray their wide range of flooring products on their website, the client needed expert data entry services. They asked Faith eCommerce to capture information about the various options from product catalogues and manufacturers’ websites, and include them in their online custom flooring store. The client also wanted us to include data and images, create informative and appealing product descriptions, add meta titles etc. to ensure quality listings.

Our solution

We created a comprehensive product management strategy for the client to ensure quality listings. Data entry experts at Faith eCommerce collected complete product data and organized it in batches in excel spreadsheets. This spreadsheet included other product elements like images, attributes, product variants etc. Once all the information was gathered and curated, we uploaded the files on the client’s FTP site. Some of the tasks we undertook as a part of our data entry services for the client include:
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1. Extraction of data from various information sources such as product brochures, manufacturers’ websites etc. This data included product specifics like:
  • Product name
  • Model & Variants
  • Product Specifications
  • Quantity (stock)
  • Weight
  • Product Availability
  • Product Price
  • Product Images
  • Relevant URLs
2. Populating the excel spreadsheet with all the extracted data and creating batches of product listings to be processed further.
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3. Creating a master option list of size, color, model, version and other product attributes to help better define the products, and customizing the product attributes by assigning value to those options.
4. Capturing relevant and presentable product images from various sources like brochures, websites etc.
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5. Editing and enhancing the visual appeal of the product images by cropping, retouching and resizing images, removing all background elements, adding new background to make the images look more appealing, and converting low resolution and average quality images into high resolution images.
6. Creating informative and persuasive product descriptions for each item which not only provides all the necessary information about the product, but also motivates the customers to make a purchase.
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Amazon data entry services
7. Developing promotional features and price specials to promote sales.


Faith eCommerce efficiently sourced / extracted product details, images and other attributes, performed professional image retouching, created call to action pitched informative product descriptions, and optimized the client’s product listings to be more visible and responsive to user searches. This way, Faith eCommerce not only streamlined the client’s product upload, but also improved their portfolio aesthetics.
With regular updates and professional catalog processing, client’s online sales increased and their operational efficiency increased, giving them more time and resources to further expand their business.

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