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About the client

The client is an established ecommerce apparel and footwear retail store. They sell outdoor and work clothing, shoes and accessories. Their products are classified into three brands and each brand has a dedicated website.

What the client needed

The client needed a reliable partner to create and manage SEO strategies and deliver quality content for their websites. They asked Faith Ecommerce to assist their SEO operations and help boost organic traffic and revenue across all the three sites.

Our solution

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1. The first step of our strategy was to find out the most favourable keywords for the product page of the three websites. Our research team used the most effective tools for tracking the right keywords and domain research. We also conducted competitor research for each brand and sent the data to the client.
2. With the keywords and data we collected, we help the client update their page titles, meta data and product descriptions to optimize SEO performance. For the pages that didn’t have any content, we helped them create keyword-rich, SEO friendly content for product names and descriptions. We also researched about the language their potential customers used to make sure that the content was appealing to them. We also helped them add relevant internal links with appropriate anchor texts.
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3. We kept a constant track on the performance of keywords and the search engine rankings of the webpages, and sent real-time reports to the client. This way, we kept them updated with the latest changes in the customer search trends, and were able to update the content and boost traffic.


With our expertly crafted SEO strategies, we were able to deliver an increase in revenue of 70% compared to the previous year. Organic search revenue went up by almost 30%, and each of the websites witnessed an increase of over 10% in new customers.

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