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Clients Who Pay More for SEO Services Report Higher Satisfaction Rates

Clients Who Pay More for SEO Services Report Higher Satisfaction Rates

When it comes to SEO, do you get what you pay for? A research shows that clients spending above average on the SEO services are more satisfied than clients spending less. According to a Backlinko study, who surveyed 1,200 business owners with questions related to SEO industry founds that there is a strong connection between higher spending and higher satisfaction. That is, clients spending more than 500$ per month on SEO services are 53.3% more satisfied than the average amount that American small businesses spend on SEO services, which is 479.16$ per month.

Here is the data that shows higher SEO spending is correlated to higher client satisfaction:


Highlights and Statistics of SEO Services in 2019

  1. When it comes to finding SEO service, most of the small business owners rely on referrals, Google searches, and online reviews. And a small fraction of clients (8%) finds their current provider from online advertisements. But the question arises when someone finds a list of potential providers, then how do they decide which one to go with?
  2. A discovery shows that Reputation, cost, and SEO providers Google ranking are the factors which influence the business owner’s decision the most.
  3. Approximately 74% of the business owners consider an SEO provider’s reputation “very” or “extremely important” while hiring. Seventy-eight percent of the US small businesses stated that knowing the location of the service provider is also an important factor. As it helps them decide whether or not to work with a freelancer or an agency.
  4. It has been found that a majority (55%) of the respondents stated that agencies presence on social media seems a relatively unimportant factor. And only twenty-six percent of the respondents cited that social presence is important.
  5. The greatest expectations of the business owners from SEO providers are that they help them drive to immediate growth to the customer base and the bottom line, building trust and also help them in increasing brand awareness.
  6. 83% of the respondents stated that SEO provider should be able to help them in attracting new customers and in turn, earn more money. This shows that if a newly hired SEO provider says that their first step is, getting more likes to your Facebook page, then he is not speaking your language. But if he says that “I look forward to help you get more targeted traffic and customers” will likely to result in more satisfied client.
  7. But the overall SEO client satisfaction is decidedly low. And the stats show that only thirty percent of the business owners would recommend their SEO providers to their friends or colleagues. Being dissatisfied with the result is one of the reasons that, forty-four percent of the clients leave their SEO provider. And thirty-four percent mentioned that “customer service/responsiveness” is the key reason they left their SEOs. As a result of the dissatisfaction, turnover rate of the SEO’s is very high. However, client satisfaction among the marketing agencies is much higher than the freelancers.

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