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Here are the departments Web Manger can manage

Digital Marketing

Website Speed
And Security

Website Update And
Product Adding

Data Entry And
Google Search

Data Entry And
Google Search

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What all tasks a web manager will do to make your website visible and profitable

Digital marketing

Web manager will help you establish a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to achieve your company’s goals, including SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, display ads, content creation, and much more.

Website speed and security

A website manager can guarantee the website’s security, as well as optimising its speed. A website manager will conduct frequent security audits to safeguard the website. Furthermore, website manager will recommend plugins that will be helpful for your business or the ones that your competitors use.

Website update and product adding

Web managercan modify your website’s pages orcreate new as per your instructions. Web manager will also add products to your site, Amazon accounts, eBay stores, Facebook stores, and other platforms. Inventory updates and dealing with various platforms will be handled by web manager.

Data entry and Google search

A web manager can handle any type of data work that is necessary for your enterprise. Web manager may handle web searches, email searches, and data entry to Excel, CSV, pdf to word, photo to text, and a lot more.

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