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Google Clarifies a Few Things About Recent Search Algorithm Updates

google clarifies

SEO’s and web owners have been observing some evident fluctuations in the search traffic on Google for over some time now. There are lot of discussions going on as what has went wrong or is undergoing with Google Algorithms.

Aspects that might Affect Google’s Search Algorithm

  • Google has a routine to upload one or more update everyday, which is minor but still helps Google improve its search results.
  • On updating the change Google expects all or at least majority business owners to notice. On noticing Google confirms the change.
  • At time Google updates major and core updates, which has nothing to do with web owners as they do not need to fix anything but it affect search algorithms. Three major updates Google has released this year. The roll out time for major update is a week or it may last longer.


A lot of web owners or business is not able to work well after a major change, so what Google suggests is to make sure that their web content is excellent. One should try on Google’s search quality rater for guidelines on writing good content.

Google Search Quality Rater has nothing to do with Search Algorithm

The entire work of the quality rater is to review a page and tell whether Google’s search algorithm is working on it and whether it is giving good results or not. It has nothing to do with a page’s ranking on search results.

A web owner needs to understand the process of a quality rater, that how it assess a content. This will help them produce very good content for their pages, which in return would bring them good results, and their pages will be ranked high on search results.