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Client Details:

A well established T-shirt manufacture, holding more than 65000 live products on, with 99.7% positive feedback, with ebay premium service badge. Client has got a purple shooting start for his eBay account with feedback scores more than 60,000.


eBay made changes in its product identifier and informed about it a year ago to all sellers. Also, gave one year time to update unique identifiers to their products. Yes, its’s an easy job but it requires time. Client contacted faith eCommerce services to fix the same.


We started working on product identifier task with 12 full time resources to fix 65K listing in 48 days. Client was happy with turnaround time and quality of work. From there gradual process of discussion and assistance started and now faith eCommerce services perform below mentioned tasks as per client instructions.

Making Tee Shirts Designs:

Client is in to Tee shirt manufacturing. He has big machine for printing and coloring. We are helping him to make new designs of tee shirts. He tells us about the theme and we create multiple designs with different color options for him.

Image Editing:

We assist client to edit images of mannequin and change color of tee shirts on mannequin. This practice saves lots of money for this project. Client deals only in 7 colors and he captures product image with mannequin for one color and using Photoshop we create other 6 colors of Tee shirts with the same mannequin.

Listing Products on eBay:

We upload products on eBay and create different attributes as per the requirements e.g. colors, size type etc. We take care of images, product title, search keywords, product description, description formatting and price comparison.

Order Processing and eBay Support:

Client receives approx 500+ products every day. We process orders, we update his in-house inventory system. We replay client enquiries. We update shipping status of orders. We manage product refund and exchanges.

Removal of Negative Feedback:

We help assist our client to remove negative feedback on eBay. If any buyer leave negative feedback then we review the feedback and understand what is the issue with work.


Client is happy and focusing on real production and fulfilling orders and raw material and signing up with new vendors to increase business. We take care of complete digital sales of ebay and keep client happy.


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