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Top Ways Ecommerce Brands Should Approach Content

Top Ways Ecommerce Brands Should Approach Content

All Ecommerce business owners know the fact that content marketing is important. There have been drastic and new changes in content marketing. New standards have been set whether it be SEO, web designing, writing, etc with so many companies coming up every day with new approach. To define good content in Ecommerce has become difficult and depends on many factors.

Let us discuss different ways where Ecommerce can establish good content

Prioritize E-A-T Score

The search engine ratings involve E-A-T score, which means that now the focus is on each content creator than brands. This is done to improve the process of content’s source rating. If you want high ranking on the SERPs then improve your E-A-T score.


You need to tell the search engines that you have good knowledge of the products you are selling, and as ecommerce seller you work with highly renowned manufacturers and they are experts in their field. You can ask for recommendations from well-known people from various industries. This favor will only be done depending on the aesthetics of your website.


A popular brand may need not prove that their manufacturers are highly authoritative. However, small or third party sellers need to prove and show evidence that they have good and verified merchants for their products.


This actually depends on the customer response. Whether your pages answer to the customers query, concerns. Is it easy to connect with you.  Is the return policy clear. I hope there are no unpleasant surprises in the checkout.

If your pages are informative, prompt and secure, they rank higher. E-A-T score has become a crucial part and will remain the same in future.

Integrate Video into Product Pages & Beyond

A customer-buying product online has only one issue, that he cannot view its product till it reached its doorstep.  However, involving a video to your product page adds a lot of value to your page. Online audience loves video and adding it to your content marketing is a must these days.  Watching a video of what they are buying give them a live experience and understanding of the goods.  You page will be better ranked if it is inclusive of video. As search engines and Facebook, algorithms prefer videos.

Focus on Qualified Reviews from Google Partners

Customer reviews matter a lot, as everyone knows and believes that the reviews are made without any biased thought. Hence, good reviews can really influence potential users to buy a product. A few companies have taken advantage of this and produce some fake reviews to convince customers for purchase. Reviews are one of the ranking factors, but Google validates only those that go via a verified Google review partner.

These trust partners work hard to ensure that reviews are authentic. These verified reviews help you improve your customer rating. Collecting and posting these positive reviews has become a popular trend and will keep growing in future.

Team up With Micro Influencers

There is a misconception in the ecommerce market that influencers with huge following are worth following. Even the research for potential partners depends on the number of followers.  This is not a very wise decision for smaller brands. They should rather target on micro influencers. Engagement level reduces, as influencers gain more followers.

If you spend your entire budget on different micro, influencers that are sure to give you better ROI and increases engagement.

Do it for a Cause

In relation to content marketing, cause marketing is quiet popular and can actually increase and make a good customer base. Around 64% of consumers buy on a trust, and they may switch , boycott or avoid only in relation to a social cause.

Cause contribution can be done monthly or  annually. Nevertheless, to use this factor you need to choose a cause that relates your brand otherwise it may also send a negative feedback and may look cheap. Secondly you also need to decide how will you make this contribution, on your purchase portion, or buy one give one deal or it can be involving customers in some action.

You need to be very wise in selecting the cause as it may prove your customers that their money is been utilised for some important cause.


Ecommerce business has become quiet tough these days. However, if you are actually willing to raise you bar like the popular other ecommerce brands then you must follow these 5 strategies well.