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What is UPC EAN ISBN or ASIN number in Amazon

What is UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN number in Amazon?

What is UPC EAN ISBN or ASIN number in Amazon

If you want to have a strong presence in the market then your products have to be listed in Amazon. We all know that this is the world’s biggest marketplace where you can find almost everything.

If you want to take the Amazon advantage to boost the sales of your product then there are a number of things that you need to do perfectly. This includes creating a profile, MAP pricing, perfect images etc. To do this in an easy way you must make use of the Amazon listing service offered by our experts at Faith Ecommerce Services.

But before you start using Amazon product listing services there are some terms with which you need to be familiar.

What is a UPC number?

UPC means Universal Product Code. This is an exclusive 12 digit code that is given to retail commodities. It helps you identify the product as well as the seller who is selling that product. This bar code is used in retail goods packaging.

How to register for UPC?


UPC is applicable to all categories of products. In order to get a UPC you have to register with GS1. You will obtain a company code. This code is prefixed to all your products. This will help in identifying you as a seller. Once you have this code you have to give unique numbers to each of your products and then order barcodes.

What is the EAN number?


EAN means European Article Number. This is an identification number. It can be of 12 digits or 13 digits. This number is unique for every product and manufacturer. For good quality catalogue and for good search results this number is needed. This is similar to UPC number but it has a country code prefixed to it. This country code is single digit.

What is the ISBN number?


ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. This is a barcode that helps to identify a book. Every commercial book will have this number. This can be 10 digits or 13 digits number and it is printed on the back side of the book. Every book that goes into publishing will need this number.

How to register for an ISBN number?

You need to approach the National ISBN agency of the country where you live. The information about the book and the author has to be provided to the agency.

What is the ASIN number?


ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. This will be a combination of 10 letters and/or numbers. This number helps in identifying the items. On the Amazon website, this number is available of the product information page of that item. In the case, of books the ASIN and ISBN number will be the same. In the case of other products, the ASIN number is generated when these products are uploaded on the catalogue of Amazon. With the ASIN number, it becomes very easy to search for an item in the catalogue.

Understanding the significance of ASIN number:

When you get orders from Amazon they will have an ASIN number attached to it. This ASIN number you have to map with the correct product in your inventory. Only once you have mapped the products you will be able to ship the products.

Sounds difficult? Take our expert advice!

Now all this number game can be a tad bit difficult for a layman. That does not mean that you cannot sell your products on Amazon. For all these difficult tasks you can make use of our Amazon product upload services. Our experts are well versed with all the formalities and procedures that involved in listing your products on Amazon. A large number of sellers have already used our Amazon data entry services and are very happy with the results.

If you too want any assistance in listing your products and services on Amazon then we are there to assist you. You can give us a call or you may even write to us and we shall be glad to provide you with the best assistance. You may ask your queries by filling up our online contact page and we shall revert back to you at the earliest.

If you have any doubt about UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN number in Amazon then you can contact our experts at Faith eCommerce Services, they will help you to create and manage Amazon store and list your products on Amazon.

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