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What to Do When Things Go Wrong In SEO

What to Do When Things Go Wrong In SEO

What to Do When Things Go Wrong In SEO

At times things can wrong in the SEO world. If you have faced issues with SEO then you would get details below to tackle such issues. Let us see why these problems occur:

  • You may be over aggressive with SEO.
  • There must be few things done wrong by you, which are considered wrong by Google, and you did it because you had no other option
  • Used bad tactics


There are two methods how you can find about your SEO problem.

One is that you may find a drastic drop in traffic on search for your site and this drop may be disastrous.

Secondly, you may find this directly through a message sent by Google search consoles. Therefore, if you have not registered for Google search console you may immediately do so.

Manual Penalties

Manual penalty is levied when Google search console notifies you through a message about the problem. This means that a person within the console has manually analyzed your web and in turn has penalized your site. The search console in the message actually talks about some high level problem caused by your web.

That Google penalizes your web with three common penalties:

  • Sitewide link penalties
  • Partial Link penalties
  • Thin content penalties

Once you get a manual penalty, you need to follow three basic steps to get out of it:

You need to find the cause of the penalty. For example: if you have link penalty, then you need to find which link is problematic and Google does not like.

Find a remedy and solve the problem.

Ask Google to remove the penalty by submitting a request letter to reconsider your website.

Algorithm Penalties

These penalties are caused by algorithms that help Google in finding a website that they consider poor in quality and then penalize and lower its rankings.

The most common of these are:

Panda: Analyses poor content

Penguin: Aims on links with poor quality

Search Quality: Analyses the quality of site or page

Top-heavy ads: Analyses site with too many ads.

Payday loans: Detects spam SEO tactics used on any site.

Link Google does not like

Links are a very important part of Google’s ranking Algorithm. That is the reason all publishers are running to get access to connect as many links as they can. However, unfortunately there are links that may have a negative effect on your website. Google only focuses and wants those links that has a good content and are editorial. The links that basically refer you but not are compensated or paid for.  These references given are like votes that tells Google that your web has some valuable content.

When you are penalized for link Google you must start preparing a list of links. Analyse all your links that may be problematic, manually making the list and asking to keep removing unwanted links is a benefit to your site. As Google likes to confirm that, you will not be repeating this again and looking at your hard work to keep your site clean may bring you back in Google’s ranking.

Content Google does not like

Like there are links that are not good for your site, the same way there is content that Google may not like, thin content, Curated Content, Syndicated content and more.  Google will not keep you in the top ranks just because your services are good. Google needs to know how well you have put value on your web your pages must have some good value for readers to read. If your content is not good irrespective of your services, Google may lower your ranks.

Improving content should be the main motive of your team. As when you are penalized with content penalty you should be planning to improve it every day on a regular basis. In such a competitive world, you can let your competitor step forward. Invest your entire team’s time and planning to make your website one of the best site for readers and add value for every user coming on it.

At the end, I would like to say that recovering from a penalty is equally to being lucky. You should not take this chance lightly and move ahead carefully. As there are possibilities that you may fall again in this pit. Learning from this mistake and all that you have done to recover your site will help you in showing a path on how to behave further with Google algorithms. For example: if you were penalized by content penalty then you should be on your toes to always keep updating and adding value based content on your site. This will never bring your Google algorithm ranking down. If you keep moving safe then you are sure to increase traffic on your site.

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