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Reasons to Outsource Chat Support To Virtual Assistant

Reasons to Outsource Chat Support To Virtual Assistant

It can be a bit demanding to concentrate on your core business competencies while trying to provide your customers with suitable customer support. Over other means of communication, customer chat support is gaining traction in the industry, owing to rapid response. That’s why most of the eCommerce business looks to hire a virtual assistant for live chat support.

The virtual experts at Fecoms have been providing live chat support to many small and big eCommerce stores to date. Our professional work night and day, including holidays and weekends, to improve customer service by reducing query handling time and resolving customer issues. Thereby, eliminating customer discontentment or visitors slacking rates.

Fecoms offer the following chat support services to the online store through its panel of extremely skilled virtual assistants:

Live chat support

In this feature, our chat experts remain available online to attend to the queries of visitors to your online store. This owes to a quick responsive communication with the prospective consumers.

Problem-solving chat

Fecoms provide a dedicated virtual assistant to manage and address the grievances of consumers. Our chat support virtual assistants are trained and skilled in providing expert guidance to online consumers.

Chat for generating leads and follow-ups

When you hire a virtual assistant online from Fecoms, rest assure about the increase in sales and marketing strategies. Our virtual assistants use customized chat support to generate leads from existing customers and do regular follow-ups with them.

Product/services support chat

From basic information on your eCommerce products and services to advanced product/service support, our experts provide engaging customer support. This may extend to product or service information in detail, similar product suggestions, or help in making a buying decision. The virtual assistant will after analyzing the needs of the customer, suggests what is asked for.

Chat Help for Order Taking and Recording

For an eCommerce business, online chat can be very efficient as it helps them turn a demand without any hesitation into a transaction. Our chat support services ensure the translation of all such requests into transactions. If they ask, a virtual assistant can also monitor the order placed by the online customer and notify them through chat.

Account Reporting and Billing chats

In addressing critical issues including, consumer bills, schedules, discounts, credits, and modifications, we have trained and experienced virtual assistants for online stores. Our staff is well trained in customer handling and aid in a quick resolution to any internal or external billing issues.

Chat support to retain customers

Our chat support managers help to prevent order cancellations and try to approach your customers for renewals. This way virtual assistant maintains long-term contacts with your valued customers.

Upselling and cross-selling chats

After resolving a customer issue, our chat support executives try to introduce new products and offers to consumers, which will automatically boost your sales.

Technical help chat support

In your online store portal, your online customers can face technical difficulties, such as having difficulties accessing your store details or placing orders, or browsing the store. Our chat support team provides customers with swift support and assistance via chat. The talk can also be saved for potential reference.

To filter up

If you want to focus on streamlining your business activities and want a safe way to scale up customer support on your online store, a virtual assistant is a solution.

Fecoms is one of the most powerful chat support companies that help support consumers with high content. Our virtual assistants with chat support provide experience in managing multinational clientele while using several languages.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire a virtual assistant service for chat support from us, that is not only cost-efficient but also more effective in terms of data confidentiality for chat support customer service.