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Above is just a glimpse of features that Magento offers, a lot are still untold about Magento. A Magento customization company like Faith E-Commerce Services can help you build a world-class website. It is one of the most exceptional Magento Design services providers which excellent design platforms to glue the users with its user-friendly designs.
Existing customers have been benefited in a variety of ways by our website and its working efficiency. In whichever sector of service, they have applied; they have received excellent service and have also ensured us that they would be happy to work with us again.
The improved version of Magento offers complete flexibility and control over the functionality for any online business channel. Its enhanced user engagement and facilely navigation aid in improving the conversion rate with the support of a Magento Web Design Company and further additional revenue generation for store owners. Its business user tools are extraordinarily helpful in enhancing the user experience on the website by the assistance of a Magento design agency.

Who should use Magento?

Magento offers all the possible features for any e-commerce based business, required. Be it a service start-up, an established hotel, a famous fashion boutique and what not. Business owners who are willing to scale up their business and seeking a systematic growth through technology should choose Magento. An expert Magento web design services provider like Faith E-Commerce Services can undoubtedly be an excellent choice to revamp your traditional business into a digital one.

What are the key features of Magento?

Magento based platforms are equipped with inbuilt marketing and promotional tools which support in improving the conversion rate. The tools abet in up-sell and cross-sell with the help of recently viewed and product comparison facility. An attractive Magento E-commerce website design can charm the user whoever land on the platform through such promotional tools.
An expert, Magento Customization Company like Faith E-commerce Services, can optimize this tool for better penetration. It provides a 100% search engine friendly, which assist the platforms reaching out to the potential customers. The URL re-writing facility supports in customizing the URLs as per the convenience. It automatically generates the sitemap to display on the site instantly. The automatic keyword list feature is unique and assists in getting updates about what users are searching.
The product and catalog browsing tools can be designed by the assistance of a Magento design agency which can create multiple layers and feature based navigation for each product. There are numerous images can be uploaded for each product with customizable zoom option for ease of the users. A qualified Magento website design services provider can help in categorizing the products in secure browsing friendly pages.
The order and payment management tools are superb to flaunt here due to its quick and smooth processing. A single page payment, shopping cart, gifting option, multiple shipping addresses and checkout for a particular user help to save the time of the users. A well versed Magento Customization Services provider can assist in the integration of multiple payment options like Net Banking, PayPal, debit card, credit card, cheque, money order, finance options, bill me later and offline payment and can set-up them smoothly on the platform.
Magento platform offers an international support system to localize any E-commerce platform related to any business. It provides support in setting up of taxation, right to left text, site registration and cookie policies of various countries. A Magento Web Design Company usually keeps itself updated with the changes and implements them on the platform for better results.
Magento based platforms are capable of controlling multiple website and stores through the single admin panel. It allows specific admin permission for various system roles. A skilled Magento store design services like Faith E-commerce Services can provide numerous templates to customize the design of stores. The smooth integration with a third-party application is one of the most elegant features that Magento possesses. The tools also help in setting up multiple language and currency for global users.
Coping-up with millions of products and their variants is not an easy task. A Magento design company can customize the product catalog with ease and assist in configuring the product packages according to the choices.
Magento offers all the possible features for a customer on the platform. It provides a single dashboard for all the necessary information like multiple addresses, email and RSS feeds for a wish list, order status and previous orders, re-order, newsletters and product review, etc. An able Magento design company like Faith E-commerce can assure you optimizing the tool for 360 grips on the customer likes and dislikes.
Listing the grievances and sorting them out is the best policy for customer retention. A Magento Website, Design Services provider, can do it efficiently with the help of customizable customer service tools. It helps in editing orders post placement, contact us forms, order history with the latest status, tracking of orders, password reset and customizable transaction email.
Magento offers excellent mobile commerce tools through which a website can be operated with 100% customizable display on various devices. It helps merchants’ set-up quick and easy storefront which is optimized and responsive for all the devices. Device specific media capabilities keep it agile to penetrate. An established Magento design company knows the ins and outs of designing responsive web for various devices can help it achieve better user experience.

How can Magento help you grow your business?

A Magento Web Design Services provider like Faith E-commerce Services can help in setting up the complete range of operations for the platform. It can optimize the platform for the ease of customers to shop while sitting at their own home. Magento offers all the essential features of traditional shopping. For example a complete range of products for the searched item, the scope of negotiation across the vendors for the same product, customizable offers for a particular group of audience, lucrative discounts, easy finance options and most importantly guarantee to replace the product in case it’s not up to the expectation or defective. Overall Magento has all the possible options for the ease of the subscribers and assures a hassle free transaction on an e-commerce platform. It’s a smart way of growing any business using a competent technological platform.

Why should you choose Faith E-commerce Services as your Magento Website Development Company?

The Faith E-commerce Services has a Magento certified team which so far implemented multiple projects and led many businesses to the growth path hence do possess an added advantage over others. Our team of experts is thoroughly knowledgeable in optimizing promotional tools, operational tools, and several other tools and can be an asset to any organization willing to reaping all the benefits of Magento.

How can existing customers be benefitted with Magento?

Magento is equipped with all the possible customization tools to develop a fantastic E-Commerce website. The help of an expert Magento web design company like Faith E-commerce Services can help you migrate from any other platform to Magento with ease. Let’s bless your customers with the comfort of easy shopping experiences using this upgraded technology. Magento is easily customizable, user-friendly platform to bring any business online or migrate to this beautiful platform.

Implementation requires expertise and efficient team. Faith E-commerce Services tops the chart of Magento website development companies. Our expertise in implementing Magento for businesses is our assets, and we want to extend our knowledge by knowing your business idea. Our utmost priority is to serve the young and seasoned entrepreneurs help to build their dream business with our technical expertise of Magento.

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