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Online Chat Support Services Providers in India

Now days, customers are very demanding and want the solution of all the queries instantly. And a company that provides instant acknowledgements and solutions to it’s customers is the winner of the race. Chat support services are essential to grow your business and gain customer confidence. An online research says; a buyer visits many online stores before making purchase. Why does a buyer leaves website without making purchase? There could be many reasons of it, may be the price, desired product not found, or there was no one instantly available to share required information about product.
When we run an online business, we make sure all the products or services are mentioned on our website, and we try our best to put the competitive cost of our products or services. But not all of the online business provide instant online support that is a big concern. As per business experts, as a website is live round the clock similarly, there should be one real human available to chase the visitors to provide information about services and products.

Faith eCommerce Services – Best To Outsource Live ChatSupport Projects in India

Faith eCommerce Services understand the importance of live chat support services and offer quality driven instant chat support services to our client’s customers or website visitors on their behalf. We have trained and experienced staff in managing international clients. Our team is excellent in typing speed always score more than 45 wpm. Our chat support team holds great knowledge of English and very quick in learning new product line and services offered by our clients.
Below mentioned is the list of activities we provide in our chat support services. This list is not complete to know more about our Chat support activities.
  • Manage the help desk.
  • Addressing raise enquiries or tickets.
  • Live chat with online visitors or customers.
  • Analyzing visitors enquires and providing the best available solution.
  • Follow up with potential buyers.
  • Offering discounts online to improve instant sale.
  • Daily analysis of traffic and preparing strategy for upcoming festival season.
  • Addressing client’s enquiry as shipment, return policy, refunds, etc.
If you are in need to have someone to answers your customers email or chat online then we are the right choice for you. Please email us know more facts about our chat support services, and we will discuss your project requirements and our capabilities in detail.