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Data Capture Services

Data Capturing is the process of gathering a huge amount of data from various devices and control systems. It involves the identification and extraction of data from various scanned documents. In today’s business world, it has become important to have the right data to make efficient future decisions. Most of the data is present in the forms and documents that must be captured efficiently. There are many companies that offer data capture services but the customers are not satisfied with their work. We are an experienced organization in the market that is capable to capture and analyze the data for our clients. Our global clients across the world use our services and are highly satisfied with our work.
Data capturing may lead to serious inefficiency of the large data formats if not done professionally. It can lead to loss of important files and other documents. To make your important data free from such kind of inefficiencies, it is recommended to hire world-class services of the companies. We are among one of the finest and reliable companies that offer these services to increase your profit.

Know more about us:

With having a highly experienced team of professionals, we are capable of analyzing and capturing the data efficiently for the business to make reliable future decisions.
  • Our dedicated data capture specialist captures the raw data from various documents formats efficiently with no error. Document formats may be PDF, excel, text, tiff, and others.
  • We are engaged in delivering reliable services and also with approx 40% cost reduction.
  • The raw data taken up by the client is thoroughly checked under control routine and then actions are performed to make it more accurate.
  • Our company uses the best quality scanners unlike the other companies to efficiently capture the data from the documents.
  • We are concerned about the security of client’s data and so we secure the raw data format provided by the clients using various security tools for storing and retrieving it.
  • After the successful data capturing, the data capture administrator checks the result generated and then offer it to the client.

Data capture techniques used by our company:

Producing quality output with zero error makes us one of the topmost company in the market with having a large client base across the world. Seeing the constant demands of the clients, we have now expanded our spectrum of techniques and services in order to accomplish the goals of the clients.
Our Company has a good and efficient scanner that helps the data capture specialist to monitor the data efficiently. We also provide the long and short range of scanning on the data.
Unlike the other companies, we use an efficient method to image the data. It is done through linear imaging. Besides, we also use the 2D area and linear imager’s technology.
To understand clearly the raw data format of the client, we use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) techniques.
There are other techniques that are used by us while performing data capturing. RF tagging, Tally chats, Batch Keying, Magnetic Recordings, and others are some of them.

Why you should hire us?

Over many years in the market, we are successfully offering the data capture outsourcing to every business across the world. We are the leading entity in the field of data capturing. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals compiles the huge data’s in excel spreadsheets or in other software’s namely CRM’s. To know more about our services, you may visit our official website.