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7 Reasons Why Your Website

7 Reasons Why Your Website Must Have Live Chat Button

With digitization, speed has owned a crown. From rapid delivery options, to instant access to information about your product and services, customers want everything quick- and they are getting it.

However, when it comes to customer service, business generally lacks somewhere.

A harsh reality is you might lose customers with a delayed response.

But how can minimize your responding time?

Simple- use live chat software.

Fecoms provide the best live chat solutions that can fix this by communicating with your customers when they visit your website.

From major MNC’s to small-scale businesses, everyone is using live chat software to improve customer service and response time.

Live chat support is much more than customer support. Lets see how:

  • Increase Leads And Conversions

Sales growth is a major concern of any business. Outsource Live chat services for your website and experience a potential increase in conversion rates within a short period. Real-time customer interaction with a live chat provider helps to clear customer doubts that lead to sales conversion.

According to reports, the impact of live chat is a very powerful tool to persuade customer’s buying decisions.

  • Minimize Customer Support Expenses

Undoubtedly, customer support is an expensive affair. Customer service providers had addressed earlier only one customer. But with the advent of live chat software, our live chat providers can get engage in multiple chats at the same time. As several chats are handled at once, your need for customer handling agents will reduce. This will result in cutting down your support cost to more than 50%.

We have resolved 90% of customer issues and queries on the spot within a few months of providing the best live chat solutions to various businesses- diminished support costs.

  • Gain Buyer Trust

Trust is the major building gap between offline and online buying. While the seller builds rapport with customers at physical stores, online stores lack trust. But with our live chat software, you can now win the trust of customers through direct communication.

Buyers are generally skeptical about providing personal information and contact details when doing online purchases. Live chat support gives them a belief that they will get help in the future if need any. In the absence of live chat software, you need to go through a tough time, building the trust of your customers.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Emails and feedbacks get lost in a huge customer data log. And, why clutter when you can provide immediate and much efficient customer support!! Outsource our live chat support services and boost your customer satisfaction levels. Retain your customers with our best live chat solutions and communicate with them in their preferred way.

  • Analyze Customer Needs

Understanding the buyer’s need and providing a solution is a key element of every marketing and sales scheme. Closing sales is not the only advantage offered by our live chat support system. Access to their needs, expectations, and opinion to frame and reshape current strategies and framework is also very essential for the growth of your business.

Our live chat providers help in optimizing marketing by reviewing important information based on queries, words, and phrases. The chat stored in the server will help you in eliminating doubts and fears of your customer in the future.

  • Increase Sale Order Value

Via live chat support, you can up-sell and cross-sell products and services after determining customer needs. For instance, live chat provider can up-sell additional product like the mobile case with a mobile phone, on the basis of customer search for mobile phone, which in turn increase the average value of the order.

  • Improved Browsing Support

Quick and immediate response by live chat agents helps in improving the website experience that will positively impact your business.


Take your business to new heights with live chat software. Give fast and immediate support to your customers that will guide them through purchasing decisions. Outsource live chat support services from us and outshine the competition. Improve your sales, convert your leads, and reduce your support costs with ultimate live chat solutions.

So when are you planning to launch a live chat button on your website?