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10 Tips to Simplify Complex Content for Your Audience

10 Tips to Simplify Complex Content for Your Audience

How can you plan a digital content, which is easy for your readers to understand?

You need to plan your text in a way that is short simple and does not bore your readers. It is not an easy task to write an interesting content, which holds your audience. It completely depends on the writer. Let us discuss a few points on how you can simplify your content. If we follow following tips to write content then content will become simple and rank easily else we have to following some strategies to rank content on search engines:

Do Not Use Complex Words

Simplicity is the base of the entire topic today.

If you are writing content for a complex topic, you will require big words. It starts with complex words and Jargons.  However, it depends entirely on the writer to explain these jargons and complex words.

Use of simple language at times gets very necessary, as for example if a reader is reading a medical book, and there is a lot of use of medical terms and he is not able to understand soon he will lose interest and move to something else.

The writer should be clear and should understand his audience. He should write something that he knows that people want to hear or is craving for.  When you deal and speak with everyone in a same manner your message should be concise and clear. This is how you will reach your audience and your message will be conveyed.

Write Energetically And Involve Your Readers.

No matter how complex is your content you should always write with full energy and excitement which should reflect in your words? You should make use of anecdotes so that your audience can relate to it. You should enhance your topic with a little bit of research, which would be really helpful to keep your audience indulged.

Active & Passive Voice

Active voice is always clearer as it the action is performed, unlike passive voice where action is received. Active voice is much clear and delivers message easily. When you are writing a complex topic, you should use active voice. At times passive voice is also needed to show action.  Sentences should be short while writing active voice.


A few writers include very colorful and bright graphics in their content. It is wise to use simple graphics. If you have a complex topic to write then it can be eased by using simple and easy graphics that would be good and easy for your reader to understand.


Videos’ are the most preferred form of advertising or conveying your message. In a day, there are billions who watch hours and hours of video on YouTube. People prefer video learning more as it shows and clarifies the topic.

Through a video, you can reach a wider audience and can educate many people.

There are generally 4 ways through which audience can learn

  • Video
  • Aural
  • Read/Write
  • Kinaesthetic

Video involves both videos and aural. If you have not tried videos yet and if you have budget and the time for it. You may opt for video learning or promoting.

Info graphics

Info graphics is very useful when you are aiming at a wider audience and you will also get audience who target only on visual learning. Always try to keep your content short with simple images. It really helps in grasping things. No matter how complex your topic is supporting it with simple info graphics will be so much better.

Info graphics has the viral power, which will further spread to message too many more.


You should try to involve quotes of popular personalities in your content. This helps people to relate quickly and they start forming a relation. This will simplify your content. The use of direct quotes is also likely to gain a lot of attention, try to select simpler ones. Do not choose quote which are complex in its own form.

Sub Headings

If your content is long and keeps going page by page, you should use subheadings to break the monotony. The text becomes more interesting and it is soothing to the eye also. Even if your content is very complex, using many subhead lines will release the reader’s tensions also.

If a reader just goes through subheadings, he would know your content jest. Through subtopics, you may generate interest in a reader to read that particular topic.

Use of Short Paragraphs

Reading Longer paragraphs will bore the reader very soon. It is smart to form shorter paragraphs as that would also keep the page a bit empty which is gives a mental satisfaction and things look easy.

Dividing a big paragraph into smaller sentences simplifies the complex content to much easier and simpler form.

Miniseries Are Better To Consume

If your content has several layers and they are quiet complex then try forming miniseries. Which will let your audience read and understand with time? They will not prefer reading it at one go. The series keep a loop, which allows the readers to keep going.

When you plan to write content, you should always keep in mind that your content should be simple and attractive for readers to hang on to it. This will help you reach a larger audience as your message will be simple to understand for them. These details or tips mentioned in the write up are for general audience and not for a niche crowd.

If your content is meant only for doctors then you can definitely use many medical terms and keep the complexity a bit on the high end. However, your overall content should be easy to understand. As everyone likes to read an easy paper and not the one where you need to really use your mind to understand even a statement. You can very well explain in the beginning of your content that you have kept it easy and simple for your readers to understand.