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5 Facebook Marketing Tricks

5 Facebook Marketing Tricks For Small Businesses (part 1)

Small business marketing is fiercely competitive, particularly for local brands. It becomes much more difficult as those companies go to Omnichannel and contend in the digital room with more dominant brands.

Your marketing budget as a small business may not be able to compete with that of big corporations. However, the good news is that there are successful and cost-effective tactics available.

With the right social media marketing service provider, you can make an impact on Facebook.

Here are few tricks on how to level up your Facebook marketing strategy:

1. Post with an objective

Any post you make should have a goal in mind if you want to gain traction. Keep in mind when you write and where you publish it. Decide what you are going to write and why you are going to publish. When you write- consider what action you want people to take.

Our Facebook marketing professionals to help assess a healthy posting rhythm and content blend use Facebook analytics.

2. Optimize your Facebook business page

Since tabs act as your Facebook business page’s navigation bar, it’s critical to make sure they are well organized and help your audience find details. Our Facebook marketing company gives your user a better experience by optimizing tabs, restructuring their hierarchy, and adding or deleting relevant Tabs. In short, the users should not have to search too desperately for the details they need.

3. Upload on your Facebook story

The story tool on Facebook is a great way to bring easy-to-digest content in front of the viewers. It’s still a perfect way to show off your small business’s culture. Stories are a more relaxed way to engage the viewers, and it’s a form of Facebook marketing that requires little more than a few minutes behind the camera.

Fecoms is a social media marketing agency for small businesses that assists you in telling stories with short videos to engage your clients.

4. Go live on your Facebook

The beauty of live streaming on Facebook and other platforms is that it is a way to connect with your fans with a close to real-time conversation experience.

Fecoms, the social media marketing service provider, prepare for the live broadcast in advance by selecting a title to alert viewers and the video content. Customers who visit your Facebook page will be able to see the saved recordings of your live sessions later.

Schedule posts with virtual content to increase customer engagement by 40%.

5. Retarget users with Facebook custom audience

To run advertisements on Facebook, you don’t need a large marketing budget. To get your posts in front of the right audience, all you need is a good targeting plan. The easiest way for our social media marketing company use to see a higher return on your ad spend- is to use custom audience data, based on:

  • People who watched your video
  • People who visited your webpages
  • People who liked your page
  • Subscribers

You may either create a custom community or use the knowledge you already have to have Facebook creates an audience with users who share your customers’ preferences and habits. In this case, our social media marketing experts use ad and boosted post targeting, which is much more precise than if you use preferences and demographics at random.

To conclude

We make sure to calculate the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaigns, no matter how it is going. Our Facebook marketing experts take a few minutes per week to go over your Facebook analytics and check the success of your posts and content to fine-tune your strategies.

To pull in new engagements to your Facebook profile, our social media marketing agency for small businesses uses tactics like the ones listed above. It won’t be long before consumers discover and choose your small company over rivals with our Facebook marketing tricks.