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5 Notable Instagram Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

5 Notable Instagram Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Instagram users engage with companies more often than Facebook and Twitter. Out of 10, around 8 Instagram users follow company pages, allowing business profiles of about 200 million visitors per day.

The quality of your posts on Instagram matters a lot. The quality of your posts on Instagram matters a lot. Users easily notice Instagram images and videos that sound kowtowing or forced.

More than 70% of the users use Instagram to study products and brands.

Fecoms is a reputable Instagram marketing agency that has helped many small businesses like yours, to attract millions of buyers to their brands or products.

The following Instagram marketing strategies will yield your small business huge potentials:

  1. Scheduling Relevant Content
  2. After completely setting up your Instagram account, it is essential to post relevant content regularly at peak times. Customers expect regular updates on your business account that eventually attract more visitors.

    At Fecoms, by posting images, videos, stories, and content, our marketing strategist professionally manages your Instagram account, supporting your brand. Analyzing the target audience’s place and time zones, and publishing material that correlates to the desires of followers, are some of the criteria where extensive analysis is conducted by our social media marketing strategist.

  3. Parallel Update Other Social Networks
  4. Running Instagram marketing campaigns on other social media platforms will help boost your performance. Our Social media marketing services for small businesses’ main aim is to widen the growth potential of startups. To make it work, our strategist helps to match up with other social networks also. Social media platforms share user data, so like big business marketers, we also advertise on multiple channels at the same time.

  5. Analyze hashtag trends
  6. It is important to look for relevant hashtags that help your post and content to drive traffic to your business. The social media managers at our Instagram marketing agency detect and analyze trending hashtags that are related to your posts and brand.

  7. Enhance engagement of audience through videos
  8. On Instagram, videos receive 38% more exponential engagement than still images. Fecoms, the best search engine marketing in the USA, has helped many businesses grow with this smart marketing gimmick.

    Our strategists understand the in and outs of visual media, so with his/her help, you can create short content videos related to your brand to draw customer interest. It can be an animated video, a commercial, or a short interview.

  9. Manage Instagram ads
  10. Instagram ads follow a PPC model where your ads are placed in user’s stories and feed, based on bids placed. We are one of the most reliable Search Engine Marketing companies in the USA, whose expert strategists are skilled in developing competitive bidding strategies, identifying the target audience, and building impactful ads. Our ad managers know very well how to deliver a precise ad campaign to win over the audience.

    Finally, it is not necessary to disregard customer involvement in the comment section and personal conversations. However, It is an important way to build customer engagement. Our marketing strategist suggests ways to respond to negative comments.


Instagram is a perfect way to increase the organization’s profile and connect with potential clients! There are so many opportunities, as you can see, to advertise the company on Instagram. To find out which of these techniques work well for your small company, start exploring today!

Want to promote your small business on social media more broadly? Connect with our social media marketing experts to learn more about social media marketing services for small businesses. Contact us today and schedule a meeting with a marketing expert!