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5 Ways Ignoring SEO could Affect your Bottom Line

5 Ways Ignoring SEO could Affect your Bottom Line

5 Ways Ignoring SEO could Affect your Bottom Line

There may be a possibility to run a business without SEO, but this may lead to a huge risk. There is a misconception that SEO is slower and PPC is better. The financial advantages are not as clear as that of PPC, but all those using SEO will know that it gives the best value for money.  A well-planned SEO strategy will get your site more traffic, Quality content is edited according to the needs of the users. This brings in many conversions. Ignoring SEO completely may lead to financial loss and losing sales.

Using PPC as a Replacement for SEO

Many people have tried to win the discussion of SEO vs. PPC by comparing the conversions and traffic for both. Many factors cannot be alone measured by a small percentage. SEO provides keyword for people at different stages whether educational or product pages, whereas PPC sends these leads directly to the sales page.

There is a high rate of conversion in PPC than SEO, but PPC has a narrow reach and you might lose potential buyers and sales behind. Whereas a SEO has, a broader reach and leads are reached from the start of their purchase process.

Missing out or Misunderstanding, Lucrative Niches

SEO helps you reach the minds of your customers, because it is not enough to gain a few high traffic niches.  Recently a site for an RV dealership was optimized. Initially the dealers wanted to create a page for all RV dealers in Portland. There was little or no traffic with basic keywords, but there was high traffic with all terms that were state based. There was a small difference but that difference matters and the company would have missed out on their potential users.

Being Unprepared for Google Updates

Google’s algorithm was updated in 2018, after which there was a disastrous loss in traffic especially in the health and wellness sector. A few web owners claim that only after this update their business was destroyed.  One cannot exactly calculate how the algorithms update will affect the rankings. Because of the SEO practices, the risk of being adversely affected reduces.

Because of SEO strategies of creating good quality content and generating trust and authority with the customers, had reduced the risk of traffic and controls sales drops.

Site Redesigns

There are a lot of businesses or web owners who hire agencies who have little or no knowledge of SEO to redesign their websites. At times, a few companies built their site completely on Java script, and make errors that Google would completely reject it. Hence, it gets very important to get a SEO expert as without it your rankings would go away.

Lack of Credibility & Trust

Ignoring SEO would lead you to missing out on other benefits.  There is direct relation between organic traffic and sales.  It is your first page if that is designed in a way to create perception of authority and expertise, you are sure gain a good PR. Organic listing have more credibility than paid once.  Ignoring SEO here would question your page’s credibility and you might lose conversions.


A business can run without SEO strategies and may gain success too. However, without SEO it might miss on a broader prospect of conversion and sales, and may leave it behind for competitors to grab the opportunity. A perfect SEO strategy will help you in maintaining and reducing the chance of drop in sales & will help you gain good opportunities, which would favour your business & success.