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6 Reasons To Use Bing Ads Along With Google Ads

6 Reasons To Use Bing Ads Along With Google Ads

Businesses spend millions of dollars on digital advertising every year, but still, companies try to choose one between two advertising platforms, Bing ads, and Google ads. But, why one cannot use both platforms? Well, there are lots of advantages to run Bing ads along with Google ads to get that additional search traffic. Fecoms is a reputed Google ad words agency that has helped many businesses to allocate budget smartly on these platforms to reap the most out of it.

Our Google AdWords manager is proficient enough and guides you well on how to optimize ad campaigns on these platforms for better results.

Let us see the reasons as to why to use both advertising platforms in conjunction:.

  1. Not all users use Google
  2. You’re losing out on nearly a quarter of future searches if you’re using Google AdWords, but not taking Bing ads services. Skipping Bing Ads means you’re losing out on 59 million searches you can’t do by Google AdWords because Bing drives about one out of every three searches in the U.S.

  3. Simple to Import Google AdWords Campaigns
  4. In Bing, you don’t need to waste time making new campaigns from scratch. Our Google AdWords manager utilizes Bing Advertising to go with the current AdWords campaigns by just working on few areas.

    • Various Languages targeting
    • Like Google AdWords, Bing does support multiple languages. Bing uses only the top-ranking approved language while the AdWords campaign has more than one targeting language since it requires only one language per ad category.

    • Integrated rules
    • Since automated laws of Google Adwords don’t transfer while using Bing ads, you need to create them again.

    • CPA vs. CPC
    • Bing ads don’t support CPA, hence automatically get convert into CPC.

    • Campaigns For Shopping
    • Since you have to connect your store to your shopping campaign before you can import it, you’ll need to build a Bing Merchant Center store.

  5. Bing Partnerships
  6. Our Google AdWords manager helps in boosting your business by associating with bing ads partner program where your brand will get brand associations, new opportunities, and much more

  7. Expanded bidding targets
  8. In Bing ads, marketers can adjust bids, depending on the type of device.

    Keeping this in mind, our Google AdWords expert implement the ad campaign targets by bidding on Bing ads, ascertaining criteria like age, gender, and location.

  9. Reasonable Advertising
  10. Even if Google has a big market share, while Bing ads have affordable CPC.
    At Fecoms we suggest using both platforms, to get a higher ad location and a greater click-through rate because it’s a cost-effective advertisement choice for someone with a target audience that falls into the demographic of Bing.

  11. Negative Keywords are treated differently
  12. Google AdWords and Bing Advertising allow you to apply derogatory keywords to both the levels of the ad community and the campaign, but after you add them, Bing handles them differently. Bing Ads provides you an edge that no targeted keywords can be negated. In AdWords even though, it refers to one of your target keywords, the negative keyword would block similar searches automatically.

    At Fecoms, our marketing strategist knows well how to use Bing ads services along with Google ad words to benefit your business.


As the PPC approach requires both, it is unavoidable to conclude that one platform is better than another. While AdWords remains the industry leader, Bing is great for filling any holes in your online presence and complementing your PPC strategy. It will allow you to meet an untapped audience and make the most of your budget by using both in your digital marketing plan.

Fecoms is the best Google AdWord agency that recognizes the best digital advertisement approach for concurrently exploiting both channels.