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Facebook Introduces New Tool for Measuring Effectiveness of Facebook Ads.


Creative compass is one tool designed by Facebook for business to evaluate the impact of their Ads. Creative Compass measures a few key element and ranks on a scale from low to high. The tool helps in judging whether a viewer would take any action or not. Whether it was persuasive enough or not. However, Facebook is still working on it and testing it with a few partners. Soon this tool will be available in market for everyone by 2019.

An Ad is Evaluated on Following Aspects

  • How Noticeable is it?
  • Association with its brand
  • Is it Apt for the brand
  • How well the text is Framed
  • Does it hold any fact
  • How informative is it?
  • Does it have an Emotional edge
  • Call to action


Expanding the Facebook Marketing Partner Programme

These FMP’s are developed to enhance and increase the capability to give better results to our users. This tool has been developed by Facebook itself. Facebook is expanding its use and will help in the needs of marketing for small and medium companies that could not be a part of this partnership before will now be included. Facebook is trying to finish the pilot project which will be called Facebook Pro and bring it to use by 2019 for small and medium advertisers.

Introducing Facebook Marketing Consultants

This is a new programme that Facebook is introducing, which is similar to FMP’s. It helps advertisers to connect with young and promising professional who would help in implementation of marketing techniques. Currently it is in testing period. It would help with setting up a catalogue for products, Designing dynamic and persuasive Ads, and selecting a high-end picture.

Currently Facebook is looking for Professionals from different countries that can join hands with Facebook for this Programme. As this programme is meant for both individuals and professionals.