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Google AdSense Revised Policies

Google AdSense: Revised Policies

Google AdSense Revised Policies

Time to Get Your Website Verified!

Yes, you read it right! Google has decided to strengthen its policies further and will now require every new website registering with them to go through a unique 2-step verification process. Additionally, each AdSense publisher will now need to add individual sites to their accounts if they intend to place ads on multiple sites. This process will be mandatory in order to be eligible to display ads.

What is Google’s new 2-step AdSense Verification Process?

Step 1: First and foremost, all AdSense publishers will not be required to prove their credibility. In order to do this, they must provide proof that they own/can modify the domain that they wish to place ads on.

Step 2: This is as per Google’s existing policies. Once the proof of ownership/ability to modify has been provided, Google will review the website and check it for compliance with its AdSense policies, just like Google does now.

As soon as the website is reviewed by Google, your account will display it as ‘Ready’ if it has been approved for publishing AdSense ads. If you see ‘Needs Attention’ next to your website, then that means it has not been approved by Google.

What can you do if Google AdSense does not approve your website?

In case your website is marked as ‘Needs Attention’, simply check the details and you will understand the problem that prevented your website from being approved. You have another chance to correct these issues and enter your website again.

If you’re a Marketer then what does this Policy Change Mean for you?

The short answer is – not much is changing, so don’t worry. A small change will be in the name and positioning of the ‘My Sites’ tab. It will be renamed to ‘Sites’ and will be made available to the top of the menu, making it much easier to locate. For majority of AdSense users, this will simply be a change in the location of the tab and nothing else.

In case you find that you’re being affected by this policy change, then don’t worry. Google will simply ask you for help in finding the right ad code whenever you add a new site. This will make this entire process easy and simple and attractive for advertisers.