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On-Page SEO Techniques

How Retailers Can Spruce Up Product Profiles With On-Page SEO Techniques

The eCommerce market is becoming increasingly dynamic, and the competition is fierce, but still, there are plenty of opportunities. Given the enormous opportunity that online retailers face, merchants must become closely acquainted with and adept at applying best SEO practices.

Our search engine optimization agency can assist you in reaching the right customer by creating a search-optimized web store that can attract the traffic needed to succeed in today’s eCommerce market.

Since product pages make up the majority of eCommerce platforms, they must be optimized to the fullest extent possible. Here is how retailers can use on-page SEO to liven up their stock profiles and boost their rankings in the SERPs.

Using Buyer Target Keywords

Although keyword influence has waned as technology such as semantic search has risen to prominence, keywords remain important. Things have, however, improved. Our reliable SEO company experts do keyword research that is more general and product-oriented.

We put a greater focus on incorporating buyer intent keywords into your on-page SEO approach. Keywords with purchase motive mean that a searcher is deliberately trying to buy something.

To optimize the on-page SEO of the product page, we include buyer intent keywords in the product description, title tags, and Meta descriptions.

Make Exceptional On-Page Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are one of the most overlooked on-page SEO elements, despite their importance. Brand descriptions not only act as prime real estate for targeted keywords (as previously mentioned), but they also aid in persuading prospects to convert.

To best maximize on-page SEO services efforts, we create exclusive, purchase-oriented wording that extols the virtues of a commodity. The most important point to remember when writing a product description is that it should not be repetitive and should cater to both consumers and search engines.

Distribute Product Videos

Consumers are more likely to be drawn to and retained by visuals than by text alone. Furthermore, retailers can tackle the popular ROPO (research online, purchase offline) by using video content on product sites to give shoppers a closer, more in-depth look at products.

Understanding the importance of videos, our search engine optimization agency gets the most value from your video presence by using the requisite keyword in the title, definition, and tags.

Make Relevant Meta Descriptions

Although Meta descriptions are not a ranking consideration, they do have a minor effect on SEO results. Our on-page SEO services include optimizing Meta descriptions to increase click-through rates, which tells search engines that a website is relevant to visitors and, as a result, gets promoted.

Speed up the page loading

The on-page SEO technique would be more successful if the web is quicker. According to Google, eCommerce stores pages must load in under two seconds or less (which is a very high bar to meet). Marketers must use a range of strategies and resources to deliver image and video on heavy product pages rapidly, which is available with a reliable SEO company like ours.

Our SEO specialist employs the following strategies:

  • Compression of images
  • Networks for delivering content
  • Database configurations configured by premier hosting providers.

Final thoughts

With so many eCommerce vendors vying for exposure, views, and transactions, merchants must do everything possible to improve their on-page SEO strategy, as this is what will help them win.

Although perfecting on-page SEO takes a lot of time and effort, Fecoms is an experienced eCommerce SEO agency that can ease the pressure by creating a game plan that optimizes a web store for visits, conversions, and SERP rankings that contribute to more of the same.

If you are ready to improve the visibility of your pages in the SERPs and implement a tactical SEO approach, contact Fecoms, to begin with, your On-page SEO services.