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How Smart Marketers Can Slay Competition Using Instagram Marketing

How Smart Marketers Can Slay Competition Using Instagram Marketing

If not the best for advertisers, Instagram is the most preferred social media platform since it operates seamlessly on cell phones.

Instagram boasts a marketing goldmine of 800 million daily monthly users. As a result, 71 percent of US businesses use Instagram, leading to the 8 million global Instagram corporate accounts and 2 million monthly advertisers.

So, how are these corporations winning from Instagram exactly?

Well, all this requires marketing nerve in which our Instagram management company has been proving metal for years. Let us see how:

  1. Building a high conversion profile
  2. After setting up your business account on Instagram, the main areas where our marketing experts work upon are:

    • Suitable username
    • Zero Infrastructural Investment
    • For better brand awareness, we suggest a suitable username that is relevant to your products/services.

    • Profile photo
    • Your profile photo must have your business logo to enhance your brand recognition. For image optimization, pictures are uploaded on your profile matching the set standards of Instagram.

    • Innovative and interactive bio

    • Our marketing experts create a catchy, yet unique bio that describes your business to pitch the sales when people visit your profile.

  3. Choose words wisely while writing a caption
  4. At Fecoms, Marketers experiment with words while framing captions with billboard ads. The captions generally aimed at a call-to-action words, where your brand voice should match your brand look. It should be appropriate, amusing or insightful, persuasive, and on-brand to your caption.

  5. Infuse hashtags smartly
  6. Hashtag strategy is a wise way to enhance your visibility on Instagram. We suggest five to nine hashtags per message, although the greatest error people make sometimes is stuffing the Hashtags.

    We ensure that the suggested Hashtags are relevant to your brand and specific to your business line.

    Note: Too much stuffing of Hashtags will make your profile look spam and turn off your followers.

  7. Engage with your followers
  8. As you are all packed in your business, your Instagram account needs engagements to grow your business online. When you hire our Instagram marketing agency, our marketing strategist suggest ways of engagement like interaction with other profiles, following people of your similar niche and, responding to the people who comment on your post. It is a non-promotional way to enhance visibility on a social media platform.

  9. Create highlight albums
  10. We take full care of your business ad promotion and post material under our Instagram marketing services while keeping your future business-earning opportunities in mind.

    It is important to demonstrate what your company is selling and how it will help your future clients, in order to make your presence known. Highlights are a way to tell your customers about your business and why people should buy from you.

  11. Create Instastories
  12. Our Instagram management company builds the strongest marketing strategy by creating Instagram stories, followed by most of the businesses. InstaStories are ideal for fast promotions and for just 24 hours they are online. With new developments, by using news highlights and the list of Instagram posts, you can retain these stories longer.

  13. Schedule post timings
  14. What is the right time to post on Instagram?

    The most appropriate answer is, it is dependent on the form of audience and industry statistics and the more active time zones, such as where the audience is located. Our Instagram marketing service experts are skilled in framing marketing campaigns for every kind of business, as they are well aware of the best and worst time zones to post your content.

  15. Use reels and live buttons
  16. Instagram goes live is an effective way to engage with your audiences in a real way. If you want to stand out in the crowd, we suggest using multi-cut videos to promote your brand or product. Herein our marketing suggests how to shoot those reels and content for the live session.


Instagram marketing is not an alien thing but framing the right strategy is the main concern. Our Instagram marketing agency is up to date with the latest development that can help you lead your competitors. Schedule engaging posts, creative stories, edit images and analyze performance on a single dashboard with our marketing advice. Try us today!!!