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How to Push Great Content That Is Not Ranking Well

How to Push Great Content That Is Not Ranking Well

How to Push Great Content That Is Not Ranking Well

Content writing is a tedious job and one spends hours in researching and framing the content. There is no comparison of the hard work that goes into editing and making the final page. However, the fact is that content is not the only factor that may help your site growing.

Currently the two most important factors are:

  • The number of links that refer your site
  • Is your content relevant for the users online?

Google’s only concern is the user experience. If the user’s are not finding the content on your page interesting or worth coming back to then no amount of links can raise your ranking. You should offer or give something different that your competitors do not. Then only you can stand out in front of the users and on the search engine.

 A few strategies that may help you:

Understand Your Potential

One of the common reasons of your low ranking may be that you must be competing with big brands. Your keyword must be focused on something irrelevant and they must high volume with little competition.

Although it is hard to secure a place in the top four spots as majority, traffic is rushed there but we can still work on the keyword issue. Referral links or content will be a complete waste if you are trying to compete against an established brand. Writing about broad topics will help you add value to your pages and increase your indexation rate. These broad topics add as pillars.

To acquire greater organic visibility use title tags. Give good depth to your content that your competitor must have missed. You should keep pushing your content to different topics with high search rate.

One should not waste time on manual link campaigns for a content that has a very little room to be explored. Established brands do not have to worry much about their content as they have already built trust among their users and with search engines. Google knows that people tend to click on these listings more.

How to Set Up Your Content to Rank

You have worked hard on manual link campaign and also created a lot of awareness regarding your content. But still your page does not rank on the first page. Well there are many factors behind this, which we will discuss further. Before that, you need to confirm that your site’s technical structure is set to help your content ranks.

  1. Increased page speed
  2. Is your website responsive?
  3. Do you have crawl paths?
  4. Indexing pages
  5. Removing unwanted links
  6. Removing duplicate content
  7. Cleaning redirects

It is wise to send XML sitemap to search engines, which helps your page get indexed and ranks faster

Optimize Your Content for Users

It is good to be ranked high on search engines but it is important to give customers their desired experience. There is so much competition in the market with everyone trying to be visible, the main aim should be to answer user’s queries and push them for desired result. Create content keeping your aim in mind.

The content should be excellent, informative, and original with the correct facts and figures to leave behind your competitors.

Link Building

The higher the number of back links the higher would be your page rank. The referring domains are also important, as these are indirect endorsements of your content.

Google cannot measure the creative element of your content. Hence, you need to hang on to good domains that would link to your content, eventually resulting in high endorsements. Links of the same website are not valid as they can be easily moved to spam. You site should have authoritative back links.

Branding and Other Campaigns

Branding is an essential part, if someone buys a product once from you, the next time again he will come back to your site a similar search. You can start your campaign with paid promotion. This may present your content to your target audience or influencers.

You should start remarketing to make your content visible again to people who have already visited or interacted with your site in recent times. The main purpose is to create abuzz and huge media exposure for your brand. It also helps gain feedback for your content according to the feedback you can again plan your strategy and marketing.


A proper planned marketing campaign with creative side, and a perfect keyword, one can create wonders and make your brand stand out in the market. This comes with a combined package of social media marketing, influence marketing, branding campaigns, and advertising.

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