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Is it a Good Idea to Disavow a Link That Sends Lots of Traffic

Is it a Good Idea to Disavow a Link That Sends Lots of Traffic?

Is it a Good Idea to Disavow a Link That Sends Lots of Traffic

If you’re thinking of disavowing a traffic-sending link for absolutely any reason at all, stop. Stop now! Stop before you make a huge mistake. The answer to the question of disavowing links is pretty simple – unless the link is spam, you do not disavow it.

Do you think you should Disavow a link that Sends lots of Traffic to your Website?

The answer is – absolutely not. Don’t disavow a link unless it is spam. Not every decision needs to be guided by SEO guidelines. A site may or may not have good ratings but that doesn’t make it a bad site. As long as the site itself is relevant to your business and is consistently sending quality traffic instead of spam, it is a good site.

If a link is a good source of traffic, it would be utterly stupid to disavow it. Think about it differently. If you had a store and a customer came in wearing something funny, but brought you 10x business than your regular customer, you wouldn’t send them away. In the same manner, you should not disavow a link bringing you traffic. Especially, when that is a source of a traffic other than Google.

Instead of disavowing such a link, think about converting that traffic to successful consumers.

So, what are you Actually doing when you Disavow a link?

As soon as you hit disavow on any link, you’re basically informing the search engines to ignore that particular link when crawling to your site. If there are any links that are generating spammy content and you have no control over them, that’s when you use the disavow tool. This lets Google know that those links need to be disregarded.

Should you only use Google to Generate Traffic for your Business?

The answer to this is also obvious – of course not. You should always consider diversifying.Depending only on Google for traffic is not a smart move.

When is a Good Time to Disavow a Link?

Whenever you find that you’re worried about your SEO rankings with spammy links pointing towards your site, use the disavow tool freely. Whenever any low-quality backlinks are pointing to your site and affecting your ranking, consider it a good time to use the disavow tool.

Keep these basics of disavow tool in mind and your rankings will climb in no time at all!