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SEO and Search Takeaways from Google s Gary ILLyes

SEO and Search Takeaways from Google’s Gary ILLyes

SEO and Search Takeaways from Google s Gary ILLyes

Google Webmaster and Trends Analyst talk about what all one need to know about optimizing for search and what all in new with Google.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind

The basics

Good URLs are Critical

IIlyes reminds us that how important are URLs, specifically good URLs. A URL should not contain any hash tags. As after a hash tag, the search engine does not understand anything, so it may lead you negative. It also takes more time to be uploaded. This framework is a typical Java script format, which is to be blamed for hash tags. Test your URLS with Fetch & Render in the search console and avoid bad URLs.


When a page is mentioned to Google as canonical URL, Google tends to give more weight to that page and makes it appear on the search results.


One can opt for HTTPs, it is easy to install and also boost ranking. This is the right time to do it as you can get a free certificate.


Sitemaps are the second most important tool that helps Google to find out content. If you are unable to link URL from your homepage, you can add them to sitemaps. Google discovers contents and pages through sitemaps.

Use “<a>” with “href”

Not using these may put your content/ pages too low in ranking, and it will not be placed where you expect it to be. As Google would not know that, there is some content, that is worth clicking or is worth reading.

Internal Linking

One should always link pages so that they are easily discovered.

Metadata Still Matters

Writing titles and Meta description for each page is still very important. Illyes confirms that Google does not rewrite any titles for your pages. He also mentions that there is no word limit for a Meta description. Google picks up all that is important.

Google Image Search

Google’s Image search optimization is required, as you need to add proper caption, and other important attributes. As Google does not scroll down to search images.

How to write Good content

To write a good content one should be loud and clear about what he is writing. It should sound simple not mechanical to the ears.

Use Ads Reasonably

Do not over do with Ads, as these slower downs your page and it also leaves a negative impact on your visitors. It can be pretty annoying.

Do you Really Need Pop-ups

Pop ups are one annoying part of a website. Iilyes also mentions that Pop-ups appear out of nowhere and ask you to sign, which is actually annoying and may at times lead your visitors away and Google will lower your rank.

Speed is Important

If your website is fast, it works for maximum visitors. Google and public both prefer fast websites. However, the optimization process may not keep all your users happy. As they might not like the difference in data that they will be able to access on desktop but not on mobile.

Structured Data

A structured data is better and easy to understand. Google like it because it brings a huge traffic. This also leads to increase in session.

The Complicated

Java Script Sites

Java scripting is quiet hard and the content that comes from Java takes a lot of time almost a week or month in rendering this content. Therefore, Google prefers static HTML content. If some important content is missing from your page then you need to rigorous rendering.

Mobile First Indexing

Google has started optimizing websites to mobile, and this is because more and more people have started surfing through mobiles. A few website have been indexed to mobile apps, those were mobile friendly and a few will be optimized soon. If your website is not mobile friendly, your rankings will automatically lower down.