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Should I Outsource my Social Media 6 questions to Ask yourself

Should I Outsource my Social Media, 6 questions to Ask yourself?

Should I Outsource my Social Media 6 questions to Ask yourself

Companies are thinking whether they should outsource their social media efforts or not. Social media marketing requires a separate attention and creative mind. If you are not able to decide whether you should outsource your service or not, then ask yourself these question?

How Much Time Do I have to Devote to Managing Social Media?

Time is one important aspect, one just cannot keep scheduling.

  1. Keeping a track of your social media updates
  2. Keeping a check on the conversations
  3. Trying new tricks to expand and grow.
  4. Giving a quick response to queries

Even small organization needs to work more in order to grow more. There are tricks to grow and to increase your followers, but to reach that point one needs to really spare a lot of time and energy. Social media is one process you need to continuously be in touch with your followers. If a brand has built its place and has its name, it keeps getting constant questions, which needs to be reverted on time.

Do I know How to be Social Online?

Time is again one big factor, if you have the time and the urge to learn to be a social butterfly then you should go for it, as there is nothing better than being connected to your followers closely. If your followers are bold and introverts who surf on pages like Instagram and Snapchat, then create content according to them. If your followers are introverts, hide, and talk surfing only through interest, then reach them there. Make your audience feel comfortable wherever they are.

If you are not comfortable doing this then you may outsource your social media and hand it over to experts who know how to tackle and be virtual social butterfly.

How I Established my Brand Voice? If so, how Unique is it?

You should know your audience and Brand both well before you make a connection.

  1. Whether your posts are funny
  2. Consists of only calls to action & demands
  3. Are you covering all big news
  4. Or your posts are just DIY kinds

Then deciding on your brands voice and get it down. You should never lose it.

Try to pen down everything possible, what words should be used. Which other brands have a similar voice. Once you document everything it is easy for you to understand whether you can hold on to this or let it go. If you have just started the search process then do not outsource your social media.

If you plan to hire then first consult a social media expert to define your brand voice.

Do I have Content or I Need Content?

A social media agency helps and does all the work for you, which also includes deciding what content to create and share. The outsourcing agency needs to know and understand your business well. What is the work, what is the objective and who is exactly the target audience? They being an expert in this field will create a content that your audience wishes to read.

You can still hold the other affairs of social media and just outsource content writing. This will relive you from one task. You may be having content but to decide what to share and what to not, it is best to outsource and let them decide.

Can I Afford to Outsource?

At times outsourcing social media may be out of your budget. At times it may be better affordable than your in-house social media manager. Let us see a few factors that affect this

  1. What kind of outsourcing is it, freelance, agency, etc
  2. If it is all about posting and creating content the cost is higher
  3. Longer contracts, lesser the prices
  4. If you have your own social media tool subscription
  5. Social media advertising

What Should I do?

We have already discussed all points above. If you are convinced with all to do’s list then you may outsource your social media. As it will save a lot of time of yours, which you can invest in other strategies that will help your company, grow more. It is the least possible investment.

If you have the time and energy to hold an in house social media agency then go for it , as it has more pro’s then con’s.