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The Dilemma of SEO vs PPC Solved

Most online businesses encountered this confusion- which is better, SEO or PPC? Both SEO and PPC have their own benefits and can have tremendous effects on your site’s performance if executed correctly. They are both undoubtedly more efficient than all offline media of marketing and most online ones as well. There is no absolute answer to the question of which is better. Rather, whether to choose SEO or PPC for your eCommerce business depends on your preferences, budget and market conditions.

Given Below are Some Considerations that can Help you Choose the Best Strategy



SEO services help websites to develop organic traffic and aid a steady increase in the business’ performance over a long period of time. If your goal is to increase traffic and business reputation in the long term, SEO is your choice. With SEO, your business will enjoy maximum visibility, branding and customer credibility for an extended period.

Even though the effects are not instantaneous, growth in organic traffic means a definite increase in popularity. Thus, it can help you slowly dominate the market. However, to make the most of SEO services, you will have to put in time, considerable money, and lots of patience.


PPC helps new businesses reach out to customers and establish themselves in the market. The most important aspect of PPC is perhaps that businesses with all budgets can execute the technique. It is best for businesses that are looking to influence highly targeted traffic, and get immediate results. PPC ads are listed above the natural search results list, meaning that the business successfully reaches the customers looking for their products. Also, with visual product ads, the traffic that comes to the site is refined and has a high conversion probability. Since it shows quick results, smart PPC management can give you feedback about what to improve in your strategy to optimize it.

As PPC ads have fixed budgets, they stop after the budget exhausts and need to be paid for and executed again.

As you can see yourself, there is no right choice between PPC and SEO. In fact, many experts believe that both the marketing techniques can be used simultaneously to yield the best results. To optimize your marketing plans, you need experienced PPC and SEO services providers. They will help you plan out your strategy for both the operations by researching the target audience, finding the highest yielding keywords, and help in SEO and PPC management to improve the plans further.