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10 Effective E commerce Optimization Tips to Increase Conversions

10 Effective E commerce Optimization Tips to Increase Conversions

All E commerce merchants should keep in mind and be focused towards eCommerce website optimization, as they are spending good money and investing their time to attract a lot of visitors to their online stores. When you can attract so much traffic to your store, why not convert it to sales?

A bit of effort and twist on your E-pages would increase 50% sales. To help you understand more about conversion we have listed 10 points below but before that we would discuss the concept of eCommerce conversion optimization and how is it done you must know

What is E commerce Optimization?

E commerce optimization is a complete system which helps improve your eCommerce store and so that you can manage and focus towards greater and fast sales.

You can calculate you conversion rate by following formula:

(Number of conversion/Number of clicks) x100

You main aim to increase conversion anyhow you can. This is where eCommerce optimization plays its role.

Following are the Top 10 E commerce Optimization Tips

10 sales tips for eCommerce conversion optimization

Provide High Quality Product Photos

To begin with, we should go with the fact and traditional mode, which is most effective component. It is the visual effect. While shopping and purchasing things online, around 70%, consumers have claimed that images are very important factor.

You should always use a professional camera along with perfect lights and to add depth to your image, create shadows. Photoshop is one of the best image editing tools that enhances the color and brightness of the images. Display different angles of your product to add more style to your images.

Provide All Specification in the Product Description

When you plan to write your product’s description do not leave any single specification point. This would firstly answer all questions of your consumers and you would get your specific niche.

At times, you may skip on some specification, which you would only know when a customer leaves a review asking a question regarding it. This also tells you that you should regularly keep updating your product description, which would help you leave all questions answered.

Make Use of Testimonials and Ratings

E commerce conversion is an ongoing process, which is always changing. The change is due to your audience, whose preferences keep changing, which will in turn change your aim of business. You need to keep in mind your audience’s behavior, sentiments and opinions as that would help you form a base for your changing strategy.

You should regularly read the reviews and keep checking your ratings as whether positive or negative feedback of your customers helps you add value to your page and leads to good growth in your business.

Positive reviews would give you a clear picture of your business and a negative review would give you a scope to better and improve.

Make Your CTA Visible Above the Fold in the Product Page

Your visitors should not search what they should buy, and the shopping experience should be very simple and delightful experience. Hence, place your calls to action button above the fold. CTA seems to be quiet an important factor. All eCommerce gurus suggest putting CTA right in front to achieve higher sales.

Urgency Building Techniques

Creating an urgency to shop is like lighting a fire under your visitor’s chair. This technique is pretty effective. You can create urgency by creating a limited time sale or special offer for a limited time. You can display a countdown clock to indicate your consumers to act fast. Indication about limited amount of products. Indicating about a popular product and mentioning that it might be sold out soon may lead to faster sales.

Live chat is another good medium to convince your consumers and guide them to purchasing. You can even answer questions and ask for product recommendations.

Clearly Mention Shipping Information

Shoppers are smart these days and before actually purchasing any product, they need to know the total amount they need to pay. This total amount includes shipping details. It is smart to clearly mention all the shipping charges and not hide it as this might lead your customer to your competitive brand.

Work On Your Security Signals

Why would people trust you or give you their credit card details. To do this you need to built trust and create a safe image with your customers. This is possible only with eCommerce signals.

  1. HTTPS: Always use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on your website so that people find that the details they were share with you are safe and no one can misuse them.
  2. Quality Web Design: Your website should look polished and fabulous to attract if its shady your customers would not trust you.
  3. Social Proof: You can list testimonials and social media photo that show your satisfied customers.
  4. Payment Security: Use trustworthy and good payment processors like PayPal, stripe or MasterCard, etc.

Conduct Qualitative and Quantitative E commerce Research

When you work towards conversion you should pay attention towards a few things like

  1. Whether there are any products that are highly successful in comparison to other products.
  2. If your few products are performing low then please examine the offering that the successful products are giving.
  3. Try to manipulate things according to your customer needs and demands.
  4. There is software also available for quality and quantity research. This may help you to fix your prices in such a wide and competitive market.

Come Up With Tests and Experimental Ideas

Testing phase is also one important factor when your aim is eCommerce optimization. This works well when you have an idea to test on your customers. Target only those pages that are most visited and conversions happen and secondly target those pages that are lagging behind.

Use Conversion Optimization Tools to Increase Your E-Store’s Performance

There are many conversion tools that can help you according to your specific needs. When you find A/B testing time taking then opt for proper tools. These tools can test eCommerce elements in less time. These tools test various elements simultaneously hence you get your desired results and you can make changes to your site.


If you want something new and fresh start thinking and looking at things in the same manner. Do not miss on any details and elements like your web page design, your product images, descriptions and etc. Then go through these 10 tips, which will show you the path to eCommerce conversion optimization.