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5 ways to boost your product ranking on amazon

5 ways to boost your product ranking on amazon

Amazon is the most preferred platform for buyers and sellers. It gives a vast platform for sellers to list their products and buyers to choose from a vivid variety of products.

Amazon keeps on updating its platform to provide a smooth user interface to the online shoppers and at the same time use different algorithm to rank the products.

The purpose behind ranking is to make consumers available for what exactly they are looking for. If you are also struggling to rank among the top-selling merchants of amazon, then hire our professional Amazon listing services. Unlike Google, Amazon’s algorithm doesn’t work on backlinks and social media but the product listed on its platform.

The following factors are very important when you are trying to rank higher on Amazon:

1. Use high-quality images in your product listing

Product image is an essential aspect of gaining sales conversions to give consumers vital insight into your items. However, make sure the photographs you are posting are of good quality, as customers will zoom in on product images to examine every last detail. If you want to avoid submitting low-quality product photos, use our amazon product entry services to improve the quality of your image by beautifying it and making it compliant with Amazon requirements (like file format, dimensions, etc.).

2. Use the parent-child option.

Customers like to look at all of the variants of the items you sell on Amazon (size, color, or pattern) rather than scrolling through individual ads for different colors or sizes. The parent-child feature is a fantastic way to add variety to your items in one location, allowing customers to pick from a variety of options. Fecoms amazon data entry specialists can assist you in showcasing your product listing by utilizing this function effectively.

3. Choose the right keywords in your product data

Using relevant keywords in your product title, description, and information is crucial if you want to rank high in Amazon search engine results. Including Amazon-specific keywords in your product listing increases your chances of attracting high-quality leads for your business. However, if relevant keywords do not fit inside your product description, you can add them to the backend of your listings. Our Amazon product entry services concentrate on employing keyword tools to generate a list of amazon-specific keywords, which we then utilize in your product data to encourage more leads to locate your listings.

4. Price optimization

If you want to rank well on Amazon’s algorithm, provide competitive pricing. It is a fantastic approach to get high-quality leads that will convert into buyers. Our amazon data entry professionals not only create engaging text for your product listings but also do competition research to determine what price range competing sellers are offering for similar products. It will refrain you from quoting a higher amount than your rival sellers and increase your chances to stay in the competition.

5. Obtain feedback from customers.

Consumer happiness is important to Amazon, and customer reviews are the greatest method to represent the good aspects of your product listings. When compared to items with unfavorable ratings, products with positive reviews receive a higher ranking.  Amazon listing specialists at Fecoms are capable of assisting in this area, as they are experts at handling consumer reviews and even can request consumers to provide reviews after each purchase. It is not essential to receive five stars; a mixed rating assessment is acceptable at the Amazon platform to fit the criteria of higher rankings.


Keeping track of all of these indicators may seem overwhelming, but focusing on them may help you provide exceptional customer service while also improving your Amazon rankings. At Fecoms, we have the knowledge and abilities to provide you with professional Amazon listing services that can help you boost your Amazon SEO ratings. Do you want to learn how our partnerships can help you gain a competitive edge on a platform like Amazon? Check out our client testimonials or get a quick overview of our services by contacting us.