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A Step By Step Guide for New Sellers To Sell on Amazon

A Step By Step Guide for New Sellers, To Sell on Amazon

A Step By Step Guide for New Sellers To Sell on Amazon

Whether you own a small or big business you have definitely thought about selling on Amazon. Small business with unique products should think over this as Amazon is a trusted platform and it is great way to get good customer exposure. Amazon holds very good business and management tools that helps small and big business run with much ease and help do wonders that they could have not though about doing it alone.

Any business whether it is products, electronics, and musical instruments all business can reach their customers through Amazon. Let us discuss systematic process of selling on Amazon.

Selling could be very easy on Amazon if you follow these steps in accordance to your product or service.

Step 1 Sign up on Amazon

Choose you category

Whether you have a small or big business in accordance to it, you have to choose a category. There are a few products that need approval before selling and only those who own a professional account gets an approval. So check the Amazon list before you choose your category.

Sell as Individual: This category is generally for those who wish to sell less than 40 products.

Sell as professional: Majority of online sellers fall for this category, as they require Amazon tools to upload such huge number of products in bulks.

Create your own seller account

This is the process of registering on Amazon for which you need to give Amazon a few details like:

  1. Business Name, which is visible to the customers.
  2. Legal name and Address is meant for Amazon only, and you should mention the correct name and Address as you have registered for business entity.
  3. Contact details for Amazon and customers, this address can be same or you can also have two different addresses for Amazon and Customers. As customers will contact you in case of any questions. Amazon requires it to update you with order details, Claim notifications, service & technical aspects.
  4. Shipping details like the address the time included and the cost influences the customers buying decision.
  5. Bank Account details are meant for Amazon, who in every 14 days transfers the amount of sold products directly to your account.
  6. Shipping option is required to pin all the regions you are willing to ship to.

Set your profile

This is where you add details about your business to reach to Amazon users. These details will help you connect to Amazon users. You will give all details regarding your product or services, shipping details, return and refund policies. They will also get to read the customer feedback here, which will help them make their buying decision.

Step 2: Prepare list of your products

Before selling products, you need to make a list of all the products you wish to sell on Amazon. If you are an individual seller then you make list of one by one but if you are registered as a professional seller then you can upload in batches. You have two categories that you can make your list in

  • Products that already exist on Amazon: This would require just the image and you will have to give details of the products condition your shipping details and how many you wish to sell.
  • New Products that you plan to introduce: when you are bringing in a new brand, you need to tell about its manufacturers, the functioning and working of the product. Here you will face least competition as you will be ruling the market with your new and unique product.

Step 3: Sell your products

Now as your lists have been uploaded and your selling process has begun. You can monitor your orders from seller central website. If you have, new products uploaded than it is a tough ask to start sales but if the products already exist on Amazon then you need to have an impressive listing to make customers choose you over other brands.

Step 4: Shipping your products

After sales, the next step is to make the product reach the customer. Following are the 2 ways in which you can do this

  • Seller self Shipping: here you will have to manage all the shipping process right from maintaining stock, packaging the product and labelling them and till it reaches the customer.
  • Fulfilment by Amazon: Here Amazon manages all your shipping. Amazon stores your products in its fulfilment centres.

Step 5: Get Paid

After making all your decisions about your sales, selling process, shipping process you are now ready to pay. Amazon deposits your sales money in 14 days directly to your account. However, if your availing Amazon services then it cuts all the applicable charges and then deposits the amount in your bank account in 2 weeks. Amazon notifies you through mails for every sales and money received.

If you have any query about How to sell product on Amazon or you want to take our services to create Amazon account and list your products on Amazon then just visit our business website