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Amazon Seller Registration And All You Need To Know Guide to Getting Started

Amazon Seller Registration: And All You Need To Know Guide to Getting Started

Amazon Seller Registration And All You Need To Know Guide to Getting Started

Are you starting an online business but don’t know where to start? Confused about just how to begin with online selling? With numerous options to choose from, it is natural to feel a little lost. There’s eBay and Etsy. You also start a business with blogging or using Bitcoins. But the easiest and most convenient is Amazon.

Yet, even with Amazon, it can be very intimidating to start an entirely new business from scratch. This guide will not only cover the basics of registering with Amazon but will teach you how to start selling effectively online.

How can you start selling on Amazon?

It is actually quite simple. You can be a seller for many years and still keep discovering new ways to go through the Amazon seller registration process. The common factor? How ridiculously simple it is!

So, how can you start selling on Amazon in 3 simple steps?

  1. Make a choice. Decide what you want to sell. Don’t go all out at just the first go. Start slow. You can even start by selling used books, to give you an example.
  2. Get through Amazon Seller Registration and register your business on Amazon. You don’t need to be a big corporation for any of this. You can start selling on Amazon as an individual.
  3. The next step is the simplest of them all – list your products on Amazon. Once you’ve listed your products, you’ve done your bit and all you need to do is wait for a sale.

How can you register on Amazon as a Seller?

All you need to do for this is go through the registration process on Amazon. It is a super simple process.

Step 1: Find your way to Amazon Seller Registration.

We’ll make this easy for you. Just click on this link and it will take you right where you need to go –

Step 2: Choose your plan wisely.

Go straight to the heading that says ‘Start Selling on Amazon today’. Now, on this page, on the left side, you will find a button named ‘Selling on Amazon’. If you’re interested in selling as an individual and want to avoid the $39.99/month fee that Amazon charges for professional seller subscription, you can choose this option. But if you’re ok with the idea of paying the monthly fee or are expecting to sell more than 40 products per month, register as a professional seller and just click on the orange button titled ‘Start Selling’.

Step 3: Enter your email

This will help you create a new account linked to the email ID you just entered.

Step 4: Enter your information

Amazon will ask for your basic personal information. Just enter it and create a new password. Be careful while choosing the password. You will be managing your entire business with this one password, so choose it wisely and choose it well. Don’t just settle for a generic password. If you’re unable to come up with a highly secure password, just google ‘password generator’ and use one of those options but add something personal to it.

Step 5: Agreement and information

Now that your account is created, just enter the name of your business and the business information required by Amazon. You will need your business name and address, the mobile number you have registered with your business or want to associate with it and your credit card details.

Step 6: Are you a bot?

Once you’ve entered the required business information, make sure you verify that you’re not a bot. Amazon will ask for your mobile number and send you a code to confirm this.

Step 7: Set up your billing details

If you’re registering as a professional seller or if you plan to advertise, this will come in handy. Amazon automatically asks for your credit card details at the time of registration. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe and Amazon will only charge you for the services availed.

You would also need to enter your bank account information. This will help Amazon deposit whatever funds you make as a seller into your account directly.

Step 8: And you’re set!

We suggest that you enable a 2-step verification since this a very important account that you will be using frequently and don’t want a third party to get hold of. And after that, all that remains is for you to login.

Selling on Amazon is free?

One of the perks of selling on Amazon is that you can sell on Amazon without spending a single penny from your pocket, unless you’re purchasing your own inventory or selling your old stuff.

Not even a small amount of money is required to go through Amazon seller registration and start an account as an individual seller.

If you make any sales, there is going to be some fees. Amazon is still a business, even though it allows us to use their website and services such as FBA for free. As compared to the amount of customers that your product will be exposed to, Amazon’s fee is very small.

What all does Amazon charge you for?

This is a very important question that we know you want the answer to. Below, we have listed all the charges Amazon adds to your orders. Please bear in mind that these charges are only added after an order has been placed.

  • Referral Fees: Amazon charges a basic referral fees on all products. It ranges anywhere between 12-40%, but for most regular products, it’s a standard 15%.
  • Individual Seller Fee: This is only added if you’ve decided to register as an individual seller and it a flat $0.99 charged on every sale you make. This is on top of the referral fees.
  • FBA Fees: If you’re smart, you might want to choose Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon plan. As part of this, Amazon takes care of the shipping and handling. This start at around $3 and can go up as the size/weight of the item increases.
  • Other costs: Some other fees might include advertising costs, media fees, or inventory storage fees.

But don’t let these costs scare you. In the end, selling on Amazon is a very profitable venture.

This is all you need to know about the Amazon Seller Registration. With this article, you can easily navigate your way through the entire process.

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