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Amazon Vendor Central v Seller Central What Are the Benefits

Amazon Vendor Central v. Seller Central: What Are the Benefits?

Amazon Vendor Central v Seller Central What Are the Benefits

Have you been selling a lot on Amazon?

Have you been contacted by an Amazon buyer asking you sell via Vendor Central?

Or are you frustrated with and thinking of switching to Seller Central?

If you have any such questions, we implore you to read on! All your answers are mentioned in this article.

Vendor Central or Seller Central?

This is obviously the first question that needs to be answered. Your answer will depend on how you want to sell. If you choose Vendor central, Amazon’s retail team buys your products on wholesale and then resells to their customer base. With Seller Central, you sell your products directly. Let us know understand the differences between the two so you can make an informed decision.

Amazon Seller Central


Seller Central is what you can use to sell directly to your consumers via Amazon. With a Seller Central Account, you automatically become a marketplace or a third-party seller.

This way, you have two options for shipping, etc – you can either fulfill all orders on your own, starting from packaging and shipping to customer service and returns. The other option is to opt for Amazon’s FBA program. As a part of the program, Amazon provides you warehouse space to store your product, packaging, delivery, and even pay on delivery options. They also handle all the customer service.

Amazon Vendor Central


This is the interface that manufacturers and distributors use. Amazon gives out special invites to help you register on Amazon Vendor Central and this automatically registers you as a supplier – a first party seller. This automatically lists all your products as ‘sold by Amazon’.

A quick comparison of Seller Central and Vendor Central is mentioned below.

Seller Central

Vendor Central

–          Open to all

–          sell directly to consumers on Amazon

–          Logistical options are flexible

–          Payment is quick

–          You can control the retail pricing

–          Advertising options are limited

–          Sales process is complex

–          Enhanced brand presence

–          By invite only-          You can sell only to Amazon

–          Logistical options are fixed

–          Payment terms are traditional

–          Retail pricing is controlled by Amazon

–          Advertising options are numerous

–          Sales process is simple and traditional

–          Top content

Amazon Vendor Central Benefits

  1. The Amazon Seal of Approval: Since Amazon resells your products under this option, they go as being sold directly by Amazon. That seal of approval automatically increases the consumer’s confidence since they already trust Amazon.
  2. Exceptional and Extended Advertising Opportunities: AMS, or Amazon Marketing Services, provides brands with multiple advertising options. You can demand keyword-targeted ad campaigns that immediately increase traffic to Amazon product pages. Sellers also have access to AMS but they don’t have the options that Vendors have.
  3. Simplified Business Model: Working with Amazon becomes a far simpler option when working with the Vendor Central.

Amazon Seller Central Benefits

  1. Better Analytics: Since in this option, you’re doing all the selling directly, Amazon provides you all the consumer data at absolutely no extra charge.
  2. Pricing Control: What this means is that you can not only control your own pricing, you can also automatically match it to stay ahead of your competitor.

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