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Best Practice to Become an Amazon Reviewer in 2019

Best Practice to Become an Amazon Reviewer in 2019

Are you interested in learning how to become an Amazon reviewer?  Maybe you’re also interested in becoming a product tester for Amazon. But you need a lot more information before you can proceed. Check out our complete guide for all the information you need:

Why Should You Become An Amazon Reviewer? Are There Any Benefits?

Yes! While you may begin with a simple goal in mind – to provide information that helps people, you can actually gain material things out of this exercise. In the beginning, you can share your experience of shopping with Amazon, using the products of a particular brand/seller, rate different products on their quality and just list out pros and cons.

But once you become a known reviewer and your opinion is valued greatly by users and brands both, you can actually be in for an exciting surprise. This is the stage where brands/sellers offer free products/review units just to get your views. This is the very definition of an influencer – someone who drives the consumers towards certain products/brand/sellers/services. The users benefit from this as they get genuine, unbiased and professional opinion on a particular product, the brand benefits and more consumers are sent their way, the seller benefits as they sell more products and Amazon ultimately benefits by selling more products and providing credible reviews.

If you just want to share your opinion, then the process is fairly simple – log in to your Amazon account and leave a review on any product you have bought and used. But to become an influential take a bit of time, effort, and most of all, dedication. But keeping in mind the rewards – loads of potential freebies – it is definitely worth the effort.

Here are 6 tips to turn you into a successful Amazon Reviewer:

Tip 1: Visit the Following Websites

There are dedicated websites where you can sign up to receive free or discounted products in exchange for Amazon reviews. It is the easiest way to not only get started as an Amazon Reviewer, but to start receiving freebies from the very beginning. Here’s a list of the websites:

  1. – This is one of the best websites to get started with because it sends you quality Amazon products without even asking for reviews first. It is your prerogative to receive the product, use it and then write a review. Once you have written a review, just notify the same on the website and they will share more opportunities with you.
  2. – This website caters to Amazon sellers who want reviews from users. All you need to do is sign up, share your Amazon profile link, the theme of your reviews, etc. and you will be automatically entered into their database. Once your name is listed, sellers who require reviews can contact you and send you their products in exchange for Amazon reviews.
  3. – If you’re interested in becoming an influencer or a micro-influencer, then this is the right website for you. Once you register and submit the required details, you are entered into a database of over 90000 influencers. Tomoson has an exclusive content crawler which you can utilize to not only create posts, but also curate and post directly to your social media accounts. You can schedule all your posts and start posting your influencer content which will lead to you being discovered by sellers/brands that require your services.
  4. – BrandBacker works on a simple premise –it matches brands and influencers. The key here is that the influencers are selected based on their preference of brands that they want to back. The name of the website is pretty self-explanatory. It connects sellers with potential consumers and existing influencers who will popularize the brand on social media. This helps brands in creating a user-generated marketing.
  5. Imagine over 10000 influencers in the arenas of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, all in one place – that is Octoly! Octoly works on the premise of gifting, where brands are encouraged to ‘gift’ their products to the influencers registered on the website. These influencers then offer Amazon Reviews.
Tip 2: Use Your Amazon Profile To Your Advantage. Optimize It.

It is no strange concept that in today’s day and age you need to learn how to market yourself and your services to generate relevant interest. The same principle works for Amazon reviews as well. If you want people to take you seriously, for your opinion to be valued, you must market yourself accordingly. In order to make it easy for the companies to contact you for your services, make sure you mention your contact details clearly, along with your areas of interest and expertise.

Tip 3: Start by Reviewing Things You Own

Amazon is an all-pervasive website. If you’re interested in becoming an Amazon reviewer, it is almost a given that you’ve already shopped at Amazon. So before you do anything else, post reviews of as many of your past purchases as you can. This will instantly ensure two things. First, that you are a verified buyer and second, it will provide a history of your reviews which users and sellers can check out. But you cannot just post anything. You must ensure that all your reviews are of the top quality. They need to be well-researched, informative and engaging at the same time. For that, do some research, look at some of the existing reviews to understand what users need to know and then provide the right details.

Another great tip in this regard is to include pictures or even videos. These do not need to be professionally taken – in fact, the simpler, the better. But providing actual product images increases your credibility score significantly. Just build on your array of reviews and it is bound to get you noticed.

Tip 4: Directly Apply For Freebies

This process usually starts small. Once you apply for free or discounted products, it is but natural that you won’t just receive top-quality expensive goods on your first try. But don’t quit. Keep applying and keep reviewing whatever you get. Because once you have a good number of quality reviews to your name, you will eventually start receiving more lucrative offers.

Tip 5: Expand Your Base

Don’t just keep yourself limited to Amazon reviews. Review the same products on your blog, your social media accounts, even YouTube for that matter! This is how you become a valued influencer. Your content should be readily available to brands, sellers, users and potential consumers. Learn to utilize all social media channels, including but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The best platforms are your own blog/website or YouTube. These are the easiest to discover for users/brands and easiest to monetize for you.

Tip 6: Ensure That You Are a Prime Customer

Amazon Prime membership is not expensive and the benefits are many – instant shipping, easy returns, priority customer service, free music, loads of free video content, etc.

So go ahead, start now and become a budding influencer with these useful tips.