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EBay Good Til Cancelled Listing Update

EBay Good ‘Til Cancelled Listing Update


You all must be eagerly waiting for what is the eBay update for sellers? Why is eBay making this change? So, here is the answer for all your questions.  A step that makes the eBay market more like Amazon, eBay told sellers that all fixed price listings on site would become permanent or  in eBay language, “Good ‘Til Cancelled”.

EBay Good Til Cancelled Listing Update

What is Changing?

From April 1, 2019, Good ‘Til Cancelled will be the only listing duration option for all the fixed price listings. But the existing listing duration will continue with their specified end date or until they sell out. And if these listings are renewed, then Good ‘Til Cancelled will be the only duration option i.e. item will be relisted every month till it is sold or until the seller ends it and seller will be charged for every 30-day period.  The “Good ‘Til Cancelled listings” will renew automatically after every 30days excluding the items that sell before the time frame. EBay also stated that, while sellers may continue to choose the auction style format i.e. with the listing duration of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 days.

From July 1, onward, Good ‘Til Cancelled listings can be renewed once per calendar month. So here we need to understand what good ‘Til Cancelled listing is?

When the seller list an item as Good ‘Til Cancelled, then that item will be relisted every month on the same day when it was listed until it is sold. For example, if a seller lists an item on June 1, then that item will be relisted on Ist of July. And if a seller lists a item on 29th, 30th or 31st of a month, then the duration will be adjusted if the coming month is shorter, but will get back to the original day for longer months. For example, if a seller lists a item on 31st of may, then it will be relisted on 30th of June, and then again relisted on 31st of July and so on. Also, if a listing has been ended and then relisted by the seller, then the initial starting date is the day of the month that it was last relisted manually or through a tool. But if the seller continues to upload the fixed price listing with short duration via external tools, then the eBay will override your selected duration.

Why eBay is Making This Change?

EBay believes that Good ‘Til Cancelled listings will result in higher overall sales for sellers. According to eBay having the listings on-site for longer run, increases the chances of making a sale. In addition to this, Good ‘Til Cancelled listings perform much better on external search engines, like Google, thus bringing greater traffic to the site and also to the seller’s individual listings.

Benefits behind the Good ‘Til Cancelled listings are:

  • Sales history and viewers are maintained which may have a positive impact on listing’s search ranking.
  • Elimination of listing free time during manual renewal.
  • And the last unique benefit of Good ‘Til Cancelled listing is the out-of -stock feature. This feature allows sellers to keep the listing performance history until they restock the item.

Next Steps for Sellers

  • If you are working on external listing tool, then you should review your settings in time for the change. And please contact your provider for more details.
  • If you use the out-of-stock feature then please make sure that the number of units in stock is accurately reflected on the listing.