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Ebay New Rules For Product Identifier

New  rules for your product listing on eBay is out now. You are required to add product identifier to each of your new listing on your eBay account. You are also required to add product identifiers to your existing products on your eBay account. It is being instructed by eBay if you don’t add product identifiers then your products will not appear well on eBay searches and possible that you find some alerts when you login to eBay seller account regarding adding an identifier to your products.

It is always easy for Jim “Griff” Griffith (dean of eBay education) to say, it’s very easy to add product identifiers to eBay products. But Mr. Griff forgot to mention that it’s time-consuming to add product identifiers to each color & sizes of products. You need to sit back for hours on your system to add product identifiers to thousands of attributes you have on your eBay account.  It’s always recommended hire a professional to get this task done. You can outsource this task to countries like India or Philippine.

It is always recommended to outsource work to a company instead of a freelancer because security is essential. Always get the NDA signed before starting a business relationship with any outsourcing firm.

Some people are saying eBay is following footprints of Amazon as it’s required to add UPC codes to products and attributes. But eBay has some different thoughts on it. eBay says if you add product identifier to your products, your products will get visibility to eBay search and Google as well. eBay wants sellers to add MPN (Manufacture Part Number), ISBN (International Standard Book Number), UPC (Universal Product Code) as unique identifier on eBay. If you have some non-branded products still you will have to add product identifier.

So, if you have not added product identifier yet then please add it as soon as possible.