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How to Avoid Amazon Account Suspension While Uploading Products on Amazon

How to Avoid Amazon Account Suspension While Uploading Products on Amazon

Listing products on Amazon is the main activity for Amazon sellers. Amazon gets daily large number of visitors and out of which many become potential buyers. As there is large traffic on Amazon so sellers wish to upload maximum products on Amazon to get more sales and earnings. However there is risk of account suspension if you upload much more products.

Amazon Account Suspension

There are many factors which can suspend Amazon Seller Account very easily like uploading products in wrong category, selling restricted products, matching wrong ASIN and selling products which are out of stock. To avoid this account suspension condition here we have mentioned some common mistakes which need to be avoided.

Choose the Correct Product Category

Amazon is very strict about products to be sold on Amazon. So Amazon has mentioned some restricted categories and if any seller wants to sell products under these categories then he has to complete documentation process and take approval from Amazon first. Depending upon the product category approval process becomes complex and take time accordingly. So if you want to sale products in restricted category then 1st take approval else your account will get suspended.

Use the Correct Upload File

Uploading products one by one is easy but if you have to upload large amount of products then uploading products one by one will take long time. You need to use Amazon bulk product upload method. To use Amazon template for bulk product upload you must have professional Amazon seller account.

There are basically 3 templates to upload products:

  1. Create new product listing by adding complete details like images, title, description and much more.
  2. Match your products with already selling products on Amazon by matching product ID like UPC, EAN or ISBN
  3. Modify your existing product data like price, availability, quantity

 So you should choose the best suitable data upload method.

Amazon’s ASIN Matching is Always not Correct

Another common reason for account suspension is ASIN Mismatch. When we upload products by matching product ID to match existing product listings sometimes Amazon match our products to wrong product listings which are totally different from our products. Due to this we get orders of products which we never sell or there is price mismatch with our product so we have to cancel the orders and it becomes the reason of seller account suspension.

To overcome this condition you should use category specific file to match the products on Amazon. This kind of issue exists in products which have different size or come with different quantity packs. Some of the examples of these kinds of products categories are fragrance, grocery and others.

By choosing the correct matching file we can avoid this cause of account suspension.

 Selling Branded Products

If you resell products manufactured by other brands then you must have rights to sell these products on Amazon. However if you are directly associated with manufacturer then you don’t face this kind of issue. But if you work with big distributors having many branded products to sell then you need to provide some guidelines that you can sell these products. If you try to sell branded products which are restricted by Amazon then Amazon will not show your listing and pull it down immediately. But if it continues for long time and multiple times then Amazon can suspend you seller account.

Check Products before Uploading

If you are trying to list large quantity of products then there is possibility that you have received products details from your supplier in spread sheet. So before uploading products as it is received it is always recommended to check products before uploading, as spread sheet may have some products which are restricted by Amazon. So if you upload these products as well then Amazon may suspend your seller account.

Following are some of the examples of products that you may receive from your supplier in spread sheet:

  • Demo, Sample, or Test Products
  • Products selling warranties with them
  • Products that come under restricted products category

Amazon Products Catalog Management

Amazon products catalog management is also important to avoid seller account suspension. You must maintain and update available stock of products so that if any product is out of stock you can stop selling that product. If you fail to fulfill orders due to no stock many times then Amazon may suspend you account.


As all know Amazon is going very strict about its policies and seller guidelines. So if you want to create seller account and earn money from Amazon then you must follow these guidelines else Amazon will take only minutes to suspend your Amazon seller account. If you understand Amazon policies very well and follow their guidelines then you can make good money on Amazon.