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How to Decrease the Return Rate on Amazon

How to Decrease the Return Rate on Amazon

Amazon is the best platform for sellers to sell products online. Amazon is also the 1st choice of buyers due to its return & refund policies. Buyers can return their products if they get damaged products or don’t like the quality of received products and can claim full refund. This policy is really good for buyers. But as a seller if your products get returned again and again then it’s not good for you. It will destroy your business reputation and lower your listing position on Amazon, as Amazon also want to rank listings of sellers who have minimum return rate. So as a seller you must try to each and everything that will help you to reduce the return rate.

Following are some of the important tips that will help sellers to cut the return rate of products:

Never Over Promote Product Condition

As a seller you should not over promote products condition by adding words like Excellent, Best, Acceptable, and more. By using these words in product descriptions you increase the expectations of customers and they expect the different product from actual.

When they receive the product they found it unfit to their expectations and they return the product. So always show product condition as it is. So that buyers have clear picture about product condition what they will receive.
In this way you can reduce the return rate of products.

Help Buyers Choosing the Perfect Size

If you are selling products like clothes and shoes, where buyers have to choose size then you need to help buyers in choosing the right size for them. You should provide the clear size chart about the products so that buyers have clear idea about product size and they can select the perfect size product for them. If you give all sizing information about product then it will sure reduce the chances that buyer will return the product.

In this way you are helping buyer to get the right sized product and lowering the product return rate.

Check Product Quality before Sending

It is the best way to reduce the product return rate because if you check each and every product’s quality before sending to buyers then there are very less chances that buyers will return the product as they are getting the right product in good quality. So before sending product you must take right product that is ordered and check product size, color, quality, packaging and other things so that buyer not return the product.

Always Ask Buyers Why They Are Returning Products

Sometimes Amazon FBA return report does not give exact reason why buyers are returning the products because it allow customers to select the option “Unknown” reason for returning the product. In this case you should contact buyers regarding replacement of product and you can ask the exact reason of return. Buy knowing the exact reason of return you can work on it and you can avoid this reason for future sales.

Add Quality Product Images and Product Description

Sometimes sellers upload UN relevant product images or don’t provide complete product description so buyers don’t have the clear idea about the product they will receive. So when they receive the product and it is not fit to their expectations then they return the product.

So while listing products on Amazon sellers must upload high quality relevant product images and provide complete details about product like size, color, who can use like male/female, and material, guidelines to use product and much more whatever is possible. If buyer will see correct product images and get all product related information then there are very few chances of returning products.

So by following all these steps, as a seller you can definitely reduce the product return rate and get maximum sales from your Amazon store.