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How To Draft And Upload Amazon A+ Content

How To Draft And Upload Amazon A+ Content?

In our previous post, we discussed “Pros and Cons of Amazon A+ Content” and now in this post, I am going to discuss how to draft and upload A+ Content.

Increasing sales are the core purpose of adding enhanced content to your Amazon product listing Just adding a couple of pictures and sentences won’t do the job – the material should be flowing, compelling, and attractive. Here are some tips and tricks to establish best practices in design:


1. Concentrate on what is important: Simply putting random pictures and text that may look nice but do not provide added value will not help you achieve the desired result. Each section of your EBC should focus on a specific point that you want to convey –most likely how your product’s features create a particular benefit for customers. The emphasis of your A+ segment should be on clear and concise material that is easy to read and digest.
2. Consider it like a landing page: Looking at it as a landing page is the best way to understand your A+ content. You convince your customer that your product is exactly what they’re looking for and you want to inspire them to do one thing – hit the ‘ Buy ‘ button.
3. Stay within the guidelines of your brand: Amazon’s advertising is already very restricted – A+ Content is where you can let everything go. To build brand recognition, make sure that your fonts and colors match with your brand.
4. Design your page like a journey: Plan your content like what you want your customers to see first, and so on. How do you end up with a positive and exciting note? It is also important to make sure that the content matches your images to create a good flow.

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How to upload Amazon A+ Content?
It’s pretty straightforward to upload EBC to your product listings: just find the A+ content section in the’ Advertising’ (sellers) or’ Merchandising’ (vendors) tab and follow the instructions. Preliminary preparation of your content may be useful to make sure you have all the photos and texts you need to upload.

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For successful and smooth upload, below are some useful facts:
1. Image-Alt-Texts: Amazon allows you to create image keywords, i.e. alt text, with each image upload. This can be a simple phrase that explains what the image represents.
2. Language: For the same platform, it is possible to create language variations i.e. if you want to add the French language to the product listings in the US. But it is not possible to copy content across marketplaces.
3. Image resizing: Make sure the pictures follow the size specifications of Amazon. Nonetheless, Amazon does change the size of objects that are too big but not for the small images. Make use of the Content Creator’s photo crop and scale option to make sure your pictures look fine.
4. Bulk upload: Once you have generated A+ Content for a product and the Amazon team has approved it then you can use it to several ASINs. You can also replicate your current A+ Content layout for similar products and make edits so you don’t need to start from scratch. This is particularly useful for parent and child ASINs that vary only in color, size, or other basic characteristics.
5. Waiting time on submission:The total approval/rejection waiting time is 7 days, but most accounts suggest that reviews will be given within two working days. If Amazon discovers violations or grounds for denial then you must make adjustments and add the content again. Generally, you can have a total of 20 EBC applications pending at a time.
6. Less is more sometimes: Do not worry if you cannot fill all the available spaces in a package – Amazon will automatically reformat the template to fill the white space and make it look good.
7. Mobile optimized: You don’t have to think about mobile device content modification – Amazon can automatically resize photos to suit the text. Though, it is inconvenient that customers first need to enlarge the description box to view mobile A+ content.
8. Input language: The content creator for A+ is extremely easy to use – you can simply drag and drop different image and text module options and enter your content directly. No HTML is required.

things to avoid
Things to avoid in your Enhanced Content:
Amazon provides a specific list of elements that show breaches and reasons for rejection if they appear in A+ Content:
• Special characters or symbols like @.
• Citations from external sources (magazines, TV programs, etc.) or third parties.
• Too many duplicates of the main image frame product images.
• Content is written in languages other than the language of the local market.
• Photos that contain watermarks or text that cannot be read, so, make sure that font size must be greater than 16.
• Mention of products from rivals or authorization from sellers.
• Blurry images or images of low quality.
• Items those aresensitive to time.
• Pricing or marketing information.
• Lifestyle pictures that do not display the product except for photographs of the company story.
• Other organizations’ logos.
• Links to other websites or redirects to other websites (in or outside of Amazon).
• Customer reviews from Amazon or any other sites.
• Grammatical or punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, lines of all caps text.
• Unverified claims, e.g. claims for protection, claims for energy saving, medicines, drinks, food, health products.
• Category or Amazon policy violations.
• Images those are abusive.
• Crime activity.
• Excess use of bold and capitalization.
• The language of subjectivity.
• Content of adult products.
• Attempts to imitate the logos of Amazon.
• Guarantees and warranties.
How to know whether your Enhanced Content is working or not?
It is important to keep an eye on the conversion rate after adding the A+ Content to a product listing to determine whether or not the additional content is performing well and thus measure success.
Experienced sellers recall their journey as an iterative process with enhanced content. For instance, the conversion rate can decrease when your enhanced content goes live. This is important to know, as it is a powerful indication that your target audience is not suited to the content. However, after, a few changes, most sellers report positive A+ Content interactions and their effects on the conversion rate. Nonetheless, it is great knowing that A+ Content improves revenue, but understanding what content works best for the A+ is even better.

Enhanced Content is working

Conclusion: Creating A+ Content for your product listings is one of the best ways to attract more consumer interest and boost sales. In reality, this is the ideal way to differentiate yourself from your rivals and to attract more customers. All it takes is the right skill and experience.