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How to Make Money on eBay

How to Make Money on eBay

We have discussed before on how to sell good on eBay but how to make sure that you earn good money as well. Let us discuss a few tips for making money on eBay.

Think about what you want to sell-one sellers junk is another man’s treasure

Products that are branded have good sales on eBay, new products with cellophane packing and dresses with tags can be sold with a higher price. Products that are different and unique fetch better sales. If you use good keywords for your products then it is likely to get a better listing and a wide range of buyers. Branded stuff should be sold individually and bundles like baby clothes can be sold in lots.

It Is All In the Details

Product details are really important when you plan your marketing strategy. Details of a product like the specifications, size, style, color, model numbers, its state and the brand name. Do not forget to add a title to your listing. As when buyers on eBay search, eBay fetches words in the listings titles.


The description of your product should be perfect and every word should count. The next step is to upload high quality pictures. You can upload 12 pictures of a product. A low quality picture would really make you lose customers and would look cheap. Using a good quality phone and natural lights would add a lot of value to the image and capture it from a good angle to get a perfect and good quality image.

Timing Is Everything


Do not opt for sales that last for longer periods as sellers will not wait for long and will attempt buying in the last few minutes hoping that there will be fewer buyers in the last minute of sales. Sunday evenings are the busiest times of all. So end your sale during that time or select a time where you get most of the crowd. Sell your products at the right times, try selling your product at the right time and in the right season. For e. g: you can sell jackets in winters that would increase your sale.

Decide before that for how long you wish to run your sales. Choose a 10-day sale so that you get maximum buyers and you sell maximum products.

Build Your Profile

Before becoming a seller on eBay, we suggest you to buy from eBay to get a clear insight on how it works. It will also give you time to get your feedback. There are buyers who do business without feedback.

Buyers may lose interest if you fix a very high price of your product but that does not mean you set a product on a very low price as that might risk your business and it may seem that you are selling at a knock -down price.

Do Not Undervalue Postage


Be sure that your postage is absolutely correct. Do not just post a random amount on your shipping cost. You should calculate and post a correct amount. As you would only charge the posted amount from your customer and you may end up paying the extra charges from your own pocket.

Go Global To Attract More Buyers


Making your business global will increase your potential buyers. Increase your footfall by posting on eBay UK or by listing your products on a particular country’s eBay site. Selling an air conditioner abroad will increase your shipping cost, which will be of no benefit to your buyer. As he will be paying a higher cost for shipping than the product cost. Hence think about what product you can sell overseas that does not increase your shipping cost and at the same time is beneficial to your buyers.

Set a Bank Account Only For eBay

It is always wise to make a special account for your eBay earnings. You will understand the joy when you will see your earnings grow rather than it just disappearing into your current account.

Stick To the eBay Rules and Regulations

Descriptions is an important part of your selling process. Make sure you give proper details and clarify the seller about what the product and what they are buying. For e.g: if your are selling iPhone 7 and if it is not working but you are selling it for its parts. Then it should be clearly mentioned in your description to let the buyers know.


In addition, if you are not selling an original but the logo is mentioned on the product and it is duplicate then do not sell in on eBay.

Be a Safe eBayer

Selling products on a good price is a smart choice but what if you never receive the money. Hence, it is wise never to sell a product if the payment is not cleared. Make sure you get what you deserve. Using PayPal would be a good choice as it can help both buyers and sellers during any dispute or problem.

We hope these few tips would really help you with your eBay business. Go through these points thoroughly and no one can stop you from making good money on eBay.