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How to sell on Amazon

How to sell on Amazon

How to sell on Amazon

The first question on anyone’s mind is – Is selling on Amazon worth it?Well, the answer is yes. Amazon has helped many individuals and businesses to increase their sales and reach new customer base. Total sales for Amazon, approximately more than 40%, come from third-party selection in today’s time. Take a glance over all the benefits of selling on Amazon, choose a selling plan and figure out how to sell on Amazon by clicking on the link More than 20 categories can be set out for the products by the sellers. To sell in at least 10 categories, professional sellers have to apply on the link Learn more about product categories.

If you, as a professional, plan to sell more than 40 items a month, i.e., $39.99/month + other selling fees, click on the link What can I sell as a Professional? to know more and register yourself for the same.

On the other hand, as a seller, if you plan to sell less than 40 items a month, i.e., $0.99 per sale + other selling fees, click on the link What can I sell as an Individual? for further details and register for the same.

How it works?

Before You Register

  • What you want to sell?

20 categories or more are open to all the sellers and 10 or more categories are available to the professional sellers.

  • Choose a selling plan

Amazon gives you the opportunity to sell one or one thousand products, with two selling plans. Professional plan enables you to sell unlimited number of products and pay $39.99 monthly subscription fee. No monthly fee is paid by Individuals but instead pay $0.99 per item sold. When an item is sold, both professionals and individuals pay other selling fees.

  • Register yourself and start listing

You can manage your account by creating an account on Seller Central, the Web Interface.

After You Register        

 After registering, Selling on Amazon is a four-step process.

  1. List Your Products

You can add large batches of items using bulk tools if you have a professional selling subscription or you can add products to the Amazon Marketplace catalog one at a time.

Ways to list the products

  1. List products already on

Mention the number of products that you wish to sell, condition of the product(s), and lastly, the shipping options.

  1. List of products that do not exist on
  1. Sell Your Products

Customers can see the products on once you’ve listed them. Amazon helps its customers with features like 1-Click and a brand millions trust, making it quick & easy to make worry-free purchases. Your offers should be valid and accurate, which includes high quality product images, when the customers visit the site.

  1. Ship Products

When a customer places an order, Amazon notifies you for the same. You can handle shipping yourself or you can let Amazon do the shipping using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

  1. Get Paid

At regular intervals, Amazon deposits payment into your bank account and notifies you that your payment has been sent.

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