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A Step-by-Step Guide to Learn How to Create a Listing on eBay

How To Sell Products On eBay?

Selling products on eBay is very easy, hassle-free and very quick. Just three basic steps get you started.

  1. Listing your product
  2. Shipping your product
  3. Receiving Payment

That’s it! It is easy and simple. With the help of a quick listing tool on the eBay website, you can quickly list your product(s) on eBay and instantly start selling. However, hiring a trained specialist for this job is a very good option as then you can devote your time and effort on some other sphere of your business while reaping benefits from selling your products side-by-side!

Here’s a quick preview of the basic steps on how to sell product(s) on eBay:

1.     Listing Your Product

a.) Describe Your Product And Upload Photos

A short and clear description of what you want to sell is the first thing to do. Write a few lines and upload a picture of the product on a plain background. You can add unto 12 free photos. You can watch tutorial videos on YouTube or eBay website that explains how you should write an effective description and how to take great photos, you can always watch them and get that extra edge while listing your product to sell or even simpler, just hire a specialist to list your products.   

b.) Choosing Your Price

Choose the fixed price listing format when you know the market value for your item. Use the auction-style listing format for special or unique items, or when you don’t know the value of the item. It’s always recommended to perform price comparison to decide selling price.  In this way you find out at what price products are being sold in market by other sellers.

c.) Offer The Shipping Option

Ebay offers multiple shipping options like schedule-at-home pick-ups, flat-rate or calculated shipping or even free shipping. You can choose the option of international shipping as well. So depending upon your business and prospective clientele choose shipping method which should not be high in prices, because at the end these shipping prices are going to fall on customer’s pocket.

And You’re Done!

Just click on the option of ‘List it’ and your product is up for sale to millions of buyers right away. Simple!

2.     Shipping Your Product

When you receive the notification from eBay that your listed product has been sold and the buyer has paid, you can safely pack your item and ship it. Ebay helps you drastically at every step including this one. You can create shipping labels with your buyer’s information from eBay and also order for shipping supplies like padded envelopes, packing materials etc from the eBay website itself.

3.     Receiving Your Payment

You can collect your payments by creating a PayPal account; it is really fast, easy and secured. Otherwise, you can also choose the option of printing shipping labels through eBay; this also makes sure that you get your payment within three days.  There are some great tips available on the eBay website to help receiving payments quickly and timely as for a new seller might experience a little delayed payment though only initially. If you hire a specialist, he/she can help you with the whole process without you having to getting into it at all as they already know the trade inside out. This saves you a lot of time that you can devote to some other area of your business.