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How to Take Approval of Category from Amazon

How to Take Approval of Category from Amazon?

How to Take Approval of Category from Amazon

Planning to become a seller on Amazon? Great! Then you must be thinking about how to list your products in a relevant category by making use of the amazon listing service. But wait before you can do that make sure that the product that you are intending to sell or the category that you want needs any prior approval from Amazon.
When you opt for our amazon product upload services you can check with our experts about the process for taking approval of category on Amazon. In the meanwhile, we will try to give you a brief idea about the same here.

A look at some of the products that will need approval:

Certain products in the software category, hover-board products, laser pointers etc will need approval. In order to get complete and in-depth details, you must contact our experts who will provide you all the details.

A look at categories that will need approval:

Every seller has to remember one thing that for listing products in certain categories they will have to get approval from Amazon. Once the seller gets approval to sell in this category they will have to opt for the Professional Selling Plan. Sellers must note that there is a monthly subscription fee for this plan.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for approval:

  • First, you have to go to the inventory menu.
  • Here you have to select the option Add a product
  • Now search for the item that you wish to sell.
  • In the search results, there is listing limitations apply link. This is next to the item. Just click on this link.
  • Now click on the button of Request Approval and this will initiate the application process. (Note: In this below example screenshot: Amazon is not accepting the approval requests otherwise here an option button of request approval comes up.)

A look at some of the requirements that you need to meet to get approval:

You have to be willing to take the Business selling account and you also need to have a good reputation. In case of certain categories, Amazon will be interested in checking out your invoices while in some cases you may have to show them the images of your products. Sometimes you may also have to answer a questionnaire. But this will all depend on the products that you intend to sell.

Need assistance to get approval of category? We are there to assist you!

For complete assistance on the listing of your products on Amazon you can avail to our amazon product listing services. If you are getting confused and do not have an idea about how to get the approval for a category not to worry. Just opt for our services and we shall assist you in the complete procedure. We offer a range of services which includes amazon data entry services, Web research services, data processing, image editing, product upload services and many other.

You can contact us by calling us or you may even write to us or you may simply list your query in the contact page and our experts will revert back to you and provide the best possible solution.