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Impact Of Multiple Devices On Online Stores Sale

Impact Of Multiple Devices On Online Stores Sale

Developing an online store is not a rocket science. The uphill battle is to make profit out of it. Studies suggest that out of 10 eCommerce only a few are getting profit and the rest are still struggling. Reasons behind this struggle to make e-store stand out profitably in eCommerce industry could be many. Let’s discuss about the very major reason for this i.e. multiple devices.

A buyer/customer cannot be on desktop/laptop every time. But there is an electronic device which one always carries. Yes, your guess is correct. It’s your cell phone. You can be away from your business, family and spouse but staying away from your cell phone is somewhere a hard task.

If you have an online store which is well organized and optimized but does not have a mobile friendly version then you have already lost the half battle. On an average, only 40 – 45% people are using desktop/laptop to complete their purchases and the rest 55-60% people are using multiple devices for online shopping. Multiple device users are also 20% more likely to complete their purchase on mobile than the average user(Source: Criteo). So it’s highly recommended to keep your website mobile friendly or your website should be compatible with different portable devices.


If one can afford to have a mobile app of their online store then it’s really great. Because if you have your store’s app installed in customers portable devices, you can send real time push notifications to your customers. This will bring your brand into their mind every time your advertisement hit into their device’s notification panel. Along with this, you can use some smart marketing strategies like running some offer/ sale campaigns on a particular day or time when the chance of making sales is more.

As we all know, there is too much competition in this industry, for your instance let’s talk about a single product i.e.  A watch! Now there are so many online stores those are selling watches. What makes few of them unique? Well! It’s their marketing strategy. The right time to put sales and offers on stuff you are selling and right time to send offer notifications to your customers really matters.

So always prefer to have a device compatible online store or have an app and encourage your customers to install it and make your online store profitable.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]