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Importance Of Keyword Research In Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Importance Of Keyword Research In Amazon Product Listing Optimization

A keyword analysis is an important aspect of Amazon product listing optimization services, which implies finding all possible keywords for the products. Both search terms or keywords that a buyer will use to find your product on Amazon will be relevant keywords.

As a result, it is no wonder that the most important, high-converting brands are at the top of the list. As you might know, a high-converting product persuades prospects to purchase after they have visited the product specifics tab.

We use Amazon-specific keyword applications to conduct keyword analysis for your Amazon product listing. Users of Amazon browse in a different way than Google users. Keywords that do well on Google do not perform well on Amazon.

Our Amazon product listing team focuses on keyword research considering the following point:

Amazon-specific keyword research

Amazon works on the A9 Algorithm, to rank your products based on relevant keywords. Our Amazon product listing services focuses on refining the product descriptions by including specific keywords in the title and product information, which require thorough research. The reasoning behind this is that product conversion rates have a significant impact on Amazon search results. Your ranking in search results will drop if your product descriptions do not customize with appropriate keywords.

Backend keywords research

You are permitted to enter hidden keywords at the backend of your Amazon seller account. Secret keywords are a way for you to provide Amazon with additional details about your product that customers will not see.

Amazon listing specialists take great care not to duplicate material on the product overview page. Since Amazon has limited the character list to just 250, our ecommerce services company strictly avoids using commas, semicolons, or some other punctuation.

Avoid using subjective keywords

You might think of using adjectives in your phrases while choosing keywords. But on Amazon, you need to avoid using such kinds of subjective keywords.

We refrain from using subjective keywords like an excellent, bestseller, etc. We just focus on the keywords that describe your products. Your reviews will help people to know that your product is a ‘bestseller’ or ‘amazing’.
Research keyword competitors

We follow the practice of finding out the competitors for the chosen keyword under our Amazon product listing optimization services. It helps to determine their product listing strategy, including price. Amazon uses pricing to predict your conversion rates, which will decide your product ranking.

It is essential that the keyword we use- not only generates useful traffic for you but also puts you in direct competition with your rivals.
Furthermore, looking at your competitor listings could give you an advantage over them and help your business win more conversions.

Tracking keyword results

When product-listing experts add keywords to your Amazon page, they do not just throw them in there and forget about them. We will see if keywords are driving user traffic to your listing by tracking their success. If they are not, we will replace them with new ones. Our product listing services do keyword tracking to branch out to more eligible traffic.

It is particularly true when it comes to backend keywords. We can quickly change keywords without affecting the rating of the listing with other keywords. We only change keywords on the backend until your page is well established in the rankings for the keywords in your description.


When it comes to Amazon product listings, choosing the correct keywords will help you get great results.

Fecoms is an ecommerce services company that specializes in Amazon SEO product listing optimization. We will assist you with keyword analysis so you can identify the best keywords for your campaign.